The development of processing technique of stone of artificial sand of project o
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The development of processing technique of stone of artificial sand of project of water and electricity
Make arenaceous machine make stone into sand namely, make things difficult for others is versed in arenaceous stone and photograph of natural arenaceous stone are compared, it has makings cause the bead look that rich, treatment gets season to affect small, finished product to expect and grading are good, mix the Tong that make is helpful for lukewarm accuse to reach reduce the dominant position such as Tong break and received increasingly wide application, the development of technology of our country artificial sand stone can divide roughly for 3 phase: Fumble level, mature phase and the wide application phase that innovate ceaselessly.
Of processing technique of stone of 1.1 artificial sand fumble level
The application of artificial sand stone of our country begins the earliest at going up the Guizhou cat that the century builds at the beginning of 60 time commits suicide hydroelectric station, the hammer type crusher that uses function to lag behind produces artificial sand, and dimensions is lesser. The system of artificial sand stone that reflected beautiful bay project 65 years to build productivity to be 160t/h (” of stone system of artificial sand of “ of the following abbreviation) , what pulled open research of technology of our country artificial sand stone, application from this is prelusive. At that time, artificial sand stone still is in a blank in domestic production and application, type selecting of the technological process design that how has system of artificial sand stone, equipment and how to carry high yield to character is measured and reduce manufacturing cost to wait, it is the issue that should explore in practice, the research of technology of artificial sand stone entered an endless exploration phase, this one phase continues all the time consummate century 80 time end. During this, system of large artificial sand stone basically has black Jiang Du, free bay and system of arenaceous stone of 5 strong small streams to wait.
Wu Jiang crosses system of right bank arenaceous stone to design productivity 500t/h, treatment raw material is lime cliff, aggregate of accrete manufactured goods 420 more than M3. Black Jiang Du initiated home to use artificial sand stone to build the beginning of large hydroelectric station as Tong aggregate entirely, lack area of natural arenaceous stone to built hydroelectric station to provide experience to be in. Flood system of bay arenaceous stone, it is makings source with celadon rhyolite, wollens handles ability 500t/h, aggregate of manufactured goods of total family planning 280 more than M3. System of arenaceous stone of 5 strong small streams is up to system of home's oldest at that time artificial sand stone, design productivity 1150t/h, the course adds a look to transform after, actual and integrated process capability amounts to 1200t/h, in all family planning manufactured goods expects 5.85 million M3. This one period, through exploration of nearly 20 years, although technology of artificial sand stone gained certain success, but very immature still, especially systematic design still is existing a lot of blemish, if onefold and changeless pattern used on technology design: Cycle type crusher is made thick broken; Finely and medium, main use conic crusher; Rod mill is wet make arenaceous etc, finished product expects grading adjustment capability is not strong. On the other hand, pass the production of this one period to carry out, had the attempt of many sided, solved stage by stage actual in the difficult problem of a lot of technologies that encounter, be opposite like the rock of tall SiO2 content such as granite, quartzite of equipment super- constant tatty research, for our country stone of more large-scale applied artificial sand laid technical foundation, accumulated experience.
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