Concussion type makes arenaceous machine installation, adjust and move
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Installation of concussion type crusher is on concrete foundation or on strong structure foundation, the foundation should bear of times overall weight.

Differ according to crusher field- - installation works in workshop or installation works in open air. Should make the same score crusher attune when installation make its main shaft and horizontal perpendicular. Stone crusher upper part should install equipment removing condole, ability of equipment removing condole presses consideration of crusher is the biggest weight, should stay in crusher upper part have space removing condole, suitable space takes in crusher a side, with having be used when the overhaul.

Before the machine is installed, have check the amount according to case detailed list, examination all sorts of there is nondestructive to hurt in carriage process, component and spare parts are all ready. The adjustment of the machine crusher is in before leaving factory, the manufactory already had the movement inside hour factory, departmental it is normal, nevertheless,

Making arenaceous machine after field assembly perch, still should undertake whether the canal joins be checkinged in the round checking lubricating oil firm, oil should be added afresh before test run, join car of beautiful inspire confidence in sb to use lubricant and fancy. Check each component to join, should firm and reliable, whether is there a foreign body on microscope impeller, if have,should eliminate in time. Examination electromotor wiring is correct.

Before whether is voltage installing leather belt normally, start motor first, come back to should with make direction of arenaceous machine sign agree namely from look to makings mouth, impeller is anticlockwise if directional roll is as contrary as sign direction, should adjust electromotor wiring, make its come back to agree to use adhesive plaster of same amount triangle and main shaft assembly to be linked together respectively to assembly of main shaft of double electromotor drive and two side electric machinery with sign direction adhesive plaster of two side triangle is taut force should adjust identical and flat.

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