The arenaceous stone of dam of wavelet subsoil stone machines systematic overvie
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1. foreword

Wavelet bottom large dams is dam of stone of earth of wall of loam inclined heart, its dam tall 154m, dam carries long 1666.3m on the head, dam body always is filled build a capacity fifty-one million eight hundred and forty-seven thousand M3, turn over filter makings to have 2.61 million M3 among them, transfer makings 3.2 million M3. Filter expects and transfer what the arenaceous stone of dam of wavelet subsoil stone machines a system to basically use a future life to produce large dams namely instead makings. The makings that turn over filter removes protection to prevent ooze earth makings to be not permeated in earthy stone dam the main effect that current takes away, transfer makings the effect that has to protect the makings that turn over filter and transfer to moraine area in earthy stone dam, and in large dams fill the requirement in building construction course to filter expects and transfer instead expect the style that follow dam is smooth case fill build, because this turns over filter,expect and transfer the manufacturing quality of makings and crop fill the mass that builds construction and plan to have immediate effect to earthy stone dam.

Wavelet bottom large dams is by with the Italian Ying Bo with famous international company of auspicious the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is responsibility square Yellow River contractor bear build, by them also proper motion design builds the system of arenaceous stone treatment of large dams. The system turns over filter besides main production makings, transfer outside makings, the Tong aggregate that still loaded large dams place to need, 5 areas mingle the production of a variety of makings such as makings of makings aggregate, roadbed, the flow of whole system and decorate than pure Tong aggregate treatment system wants complex much, the design of these requirement systems and decorate have very tall compatibility, open sex, the requirement wants to move in order to assure what its stabilize normally very high to moving level of management of the system. This treatment system at 95 years in October put into production, the high strenth construction that passes last a period of time 5 years, large dams is built at 13 months victory planning to fill ahead of schedule by June 2000 reach the summit, filter expects and transfer what the arenaceous stone of large dams machines a system to press the qualitative production that press a quantity instead the makings taking for this one victory produced main effect. And, the material turning over filter that uses makings of flood land and alluvial arenaceous pebble to produce earthy stone dam in same system, transfer makings, and the system of arenaceous stone treatment that designs productivity to be as high as 1600t/h is in home is first time, accumulated valuable experience.

2. expects the source reachs grading of finished product makings

2.1 makings source

The makings that turn over filter, transfer makings wollens is taken from dam location downstream the equestrian dung beach that 6 ~ 7.5Km is in expects, exploration reserves makes an appointment with 7.66 million M3, if natural grading expresses to show, by the watch above of 80mm of visible bead diameter takes an in part about, thick arenaceous (1.2~5mm) , gravelstone (5~20mm) content is less, fine arenaceous (1.2mm is the following) content is very big.
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