Stone aggregate produces artificial sand of hydroelectric station of battalion o
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Hydroelectric station of battalion of all alone wind is located in Guizhou Province to repair article and Guizhou on the west the reach of black Jiang Liuan of prefectural have a common boundary, 60mw of power station installed capacity, the dam of large dams for Rcc gravitational dam, most large dams tall 115.8m.

This project main body and face the concrete gross that builds a project to make an appointment with 1.16 million M3, grind among them press concrete (Rcc) is six hundred and fifty-eight thousand five hundred M3, normal concrete five hundred and one thousand five hundred M3. Of concrete match bigger than be stone integratedly the stone in 16.32% ﹑ 29.19% ﹑ gravelstone 22.4% ﹑ are arenaceous 32.08% . According to construction total plan is arranged, makings of finished product of treatment arenaceous stone needs altogether to make an appointment with 2.541 million T after arenaceous stone system builds, among them big stone the stone in ﹑ of four hundred and forteen thousand eight hundred T gravelstone of ﹑ of seven hundred and forty-one thousand eight hundred T ﹑ of five hundred and sixty-nine thousand two hundred T is arenaceous eight hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred T. 3The broken bits that can use project excavate expects, still have 980 thousand M3Need to have artificial machine with lime cliff broken, lime cliff is taken be apart from field of pair of the makings that wear cliff near arenaceous stone system oneself.

Irrigate according to construction schedule, concrete build intensity curve, this project most concrete of a solar month of 31 days is irrigated build intensity to be one hundred and twelve thousand four hundred M3, the productivity of stone aggregate system presses artificial sand of hydroelectric station of battalion of wind of reason all alone one hundred and twelve thousand four hundred M3Design, can at the same time or independent production normal behavior or conditions is arenaceous, grind press the arenaceous anchor that reach gush the each grading aggregate that concrete place needs, but considering each construction period is opposite the diverse demand of aggregate, set 64 thousand M3finished product stores the capacity will adjust the balance that the production of aggregate and bad news use. The system uses advanced central control and TV supervisory system, main treatment facilities was used (the law is homebred) breaking equipment and home's top-ranking screening, dehydrate reachs the lime cliff with the most advanced international classification equipment, how to contain in all equipment is covered 69 times, this system of installed capacity 2800kw on September 26, 2001 start working, linkage tried success of engine put into production on April 12, 2002, shifted to an earlier date than contract time limit for a project 16d.
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