About the lube use in industrial equipment
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About the lube use in industrial equipment Lube basis utility, equipment lube can divide industry to reach special oil for oil of common industry lube, special type. Common industry lube is used at requirement of not tall without special requirement, use temperature and bear, work opposite assuasive is mechanical. If machine tool drive is mechanical, spin is mechanical, building - road, case heavy, carry, the equipment of machinery of metallurgy, mine and other industry department. Common industry lube does not contain additive normally, outside eliminating lubricant ability, do not have special requirement to common industry lube, and lubricant ability basically depends on viscosity and fight aging behavior, latter and raw material quality and make a process concern.

Special type lube is used at lubricant and alone component (certain place, parts, machines and tools) .

Special lubricant is used at lubricant industry machines and tools, metallic treatment machine tool and other are special equipment. If high speed is mechanical (grinder main shaft and bearing) , machine of slideway of machine tool of cutting of device of system of industrial equipment hydraulic pressure, positive drive, metal, Za Gang and turbine, compressor. In addition still electric insulating oil, steam cylinder oil, vacuum uses oil with oil and borer (include pneumatic drill) etc.

1, high speed machinery uses oil

If contain the main shaft of machine tool of high rotate speed of scroll and sliding bearing, main shaft rotate speed heals tall, the viscosity of requirement oil heals low, main shaft of high rotate speed is in fluid motivation to lubricate to appear possibly when negative charge is small attrib border attrition, right now, to reduce attrition and wear away, the anti-friction agent that can use type of agent of sex of exterior while still alive and fight grind additive. Had better not use the additive that has chemical active, because increase likely caustic wear away.

2, hydraulic pressure is oily

The hydraulic pressure oil that is used in industry can be divided it is 5 groups.

(1) the petrolatum character that does not contain additive is adjacent at common industry lube. If use the lubricating oil of hydraulic pressure jack.

(2) contain fight corrode the lube that reachs antioxidant this oil contains the agent that fight bubble at the same time, use is more extensive, but hydraulic power of fair be confined to. Antagonism grinds function the demand is not high.

(3) contain fight corrode, fight oxygen to reach do the hydraulic pressure oil that grinds additive to use system of estate facilities hydraulic pressure extensively.

(4) have admirable the hydraulic pressure oily thick that sticks lukewarm function people besides the additive with before containing one group of same oil, still add have add adhesive, use at system of hydraulic pressure of machine tool of programmed control nicety.
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