Jumped over exhibition of equipment of machinery of austral border industry 2007
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Showpiece time: 2007-12-12 comes 2007-12-16
Application ends: 2007-12-6
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: International of Hu Zhiming city exhibits Vietnam center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Machinery reachs industrial product
Sponsor square:

Jump over department of austral home trade
Vietnam investment reachs plan ministry
Ministry of Vietnam science and technology
Vietnam industry ministry
Hu Zhiming municipal government

Undertake square:

Chamber of commerce of Vietnam nation industry (VCCI)
Vietnam country advertisement reads extensively company (VIETFAIR)

Assist do square:

Hall of industry of Hu Zhiming city
Vietnam investment commerce promotes a company (VIET-Promotion)

Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification:

Exposition of international trade of Vietnam Hu Zhiming is what sponsor by department of Vietnam nation trade is annual internationally integrated trade fair, it is dimensions of Vietnam whole nation the biggest, consequence the exposition with top rate of the strongest, internationalization, also be southeast Asia area have appeal most internationally one of exposition, the 438 enterprises ginseng that comes from 12 countries such as China, Korea, Pakistan, France, England, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Hong Kong, Macao and area was exhibited 2006, the ginseng that comes from China among them postpones a business many nearly 40, showed Chinese enterprise develops the confidence of Vietnam market adequately.
Exhibition of equipment of machinery of Vietnam international industry is what sponsor by Vietnam industry ministry is annual industry of equipment of Vietnam industry machinery specializations the exhibition with top rate. Exhibition of equipment of machinery of Vietnam international industry exhibits an area to amount to 3, 000 ㎡, attracted 160 ginseng that come from 15 countries and area to postpone business in all, exhibit respectively the most advanced equipment and technical product, congress of 4 days of exhibition period has 17 in all, 253 person-time look around; 90% above ginseng exhibits an enterprise through joining found buy the home and appropriate agent; Clinch a deal the forehead is amounted to 3, 0 dollar, intent clinchs a deal the forehead is amounted to 5, 0 dollar. And anticipate exhibition of machinery of industry of current Vietnam international will exceed more than 200 ginseng to exhibit an enterprise reach more than 20000 industry wife person looks around.
Vietnam trade department and industrial ministry combined the characteristic of exhibition of equipment of machinery of fair of trade of international of Hu Zhiming city and Vietnam international industry and advantage 2007, integrated market resource, decision two exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold, the name is: “2007 year Vietnam international trade exposition of Hu Zhiming city and ” of exhibition of equipment of machinery of Vietnam international industry. We believe the industry that faces an a market that needs development, major is mechanical exhibition, calm meeting becomes Chinese each enterprise, each machinery to create the good opportunity that reachs a supplier to enter Vietnam market.
In us the organization attends 2001 go up to the exposition of international trade of Vietnam Hu Zhiming 2006, chinese ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be in exhibit be paid close attention to on the meeting by huge, a lot of Vietnam clients come round to exhibit in succession go up to discuss with Chinese enterprise, the company of and other places of Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing obtains very favorable result, signed a lot of commerce contracts, be in exhibit meeting hind to infiltrate the product successfully Vietnam market. The ginseng of 70 % above exhibits business to think to exhibit the target that can exceed them to anticipate, a lot of China businesses think this exhibition result is very pretty good, underestimated the potential of Vietnam market formerly, its are put in opportunity of a lot of commerce, after entering Vietnam market especially, will face bigger east alliance market!

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