New multi-function counter-Hong Chang Heavy Sand
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Introduction of new counter-Sand The machine can be divided into ordinary crusher and large cavity hammer crusher counterattack two, the system of sand machine (Sand) not only made of sand and gravel can also be achieved with one machine. Use of new counter-type sand making machine The crusher can handle particle size not greater than 500 mm, not more than 360 MPa compressive strength of various materials. Crusher for its excellent performance and good performance in the highway construction, hydraulic engineering and construction Crushed stone processing building has widespread applications. Performance characteristics of the new counter-type sand making machine Crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, convenient maintenance, the product was cubic, high-level road surface and the water is used for construction of the ideal aggregate processing equipment. High chrome hammer, wear-resistant lining back; unique gear back liner ; Especially for hard rock crushing, energy efficient; product shape of a cube, grain size adjustable discharge, simplified crushing process. Working principle of the new counter-type sand making machine Driven by the motor, the rotor rotating at high speed, the material into the plate hammer area, and the rotor impact crusher hammer on the board, then was thrown back again on the broken device, and then bounced back and from back plate hammer on the liner The role of district re-broken, this process is repeated, the material descending into one, two, three, repeated broken back cavity until the material is broken to the desired size, from the discharge port. Large cavity hammer crusher counterattack hammer crusher is absorbed and the impact crusher crusher two advantages, the optimal design after the launch of a new generation of products, with the following ten advantages The main advantage of the new counter-type sand making machine: 1, feed a large population, high crushing chamber to meet the material hardness, fragmentation, the product powder less. 2, floating materials, broken small power consumption. 3, the new hammer, big impact. 4, the hammer shaft mounted adjustable hammer and long life. 5, grid size adjustable, controllable particle size, particle shape well. 6, the chassis can be turned over to maintenance more convenient. 7, square shank, impact resistance, wear and tear. 8, compact, machine rigidity. 9, spell structure, handling, ease of installation. 10, impact, impact, impact (stone at stone) broken-function, high efficiency, engine wear is small, overall efficiency significantly.