The use with arenaceous quartz and equipment introduce
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Cast arenaceous: % of 0.06—0.02 of content of Fe2O3 of % of SiO2 content 95—99.5, granuality eye of 30 eye —50, 50 eye —70 looks, 70 eye —100 looks, 70 eye —120 looks (can need to adjust) according to the user. Arenaceous bead is bright and clean, the component that contain mud is low, size specific value is reasonable, have good durability.
Filter arenaceous: Classics is broken choose and become, look is simple white, without foreign matter, density 2.66. SiO2≥99.3 % , hardness 7.5 degrees, basically use at having filter of a powerful person, siphon filter, in high speed filter, ion exchange implement bear hold a layer in the palm, glasswork, moulding is cast etc. At present partial client uses natural river arenaceous, hai Sha makes filter expect, although cost is low, but use cycle is shorter, mechanical intensity is poor, easy broken, quartz is arenaceous more arenaceous than natural river use cycle grows 3—8 times, and the water quality after filter is stable, relative to character, quartz is arenaceous more cheap and durable.
Common quartz is arenaceous (powdery) : % of SiO2 content 90—99, % of Fe2O3 content 0.06—0.02, fireproof degree 1750---1800 ℃ . Size range: Copy?-8 looks, 8-18 eye, 18-30 eye, 30 eye —50 looks, 50 eye —70 looks, 70 eye —100 looks, 100 eye are the following; Shi Sha 20-140 looks, 20-60 eye, 60-140 looks (can ask to adjust) by the user. Main use: Carborundum of metallurgy, Chinese ink, glass and glasswork, enamel, cast steel, water filters, bubble spends alkaline, chemical industry, in season the industry such as level ground of noisy, ground, coating.
Purificatory quartz is arenaceous: % of Fe2O3≤0.02 of % of SiO2 content 99—99.5, handpick and high grade ore is machined via much talk working procedure and become. Size range 8-200 looks, 40 eye —80 looks, 80 eye —120 looks (can ask to adjust by the user) . Exterior white or crystallization shape.
Silicon small pink: 200-3000 eye, basically use at: Plastic filling, fireproof material, adhesive, electron reachs coating of frit of fibre glass, pottery and porcelain, paint, balata the industry such as microelectronics.
High pure quartz is arenaceous: % of Fe2O3≤0.015 of % of SiO2 content 99.3—99.9, use stone of high grade and natural quartz, the course chooses meticulously, be machined subtly and become. Size range 1—0.5mm, 0.5—0.1mm, 0.1—0.01mm, 0.01—0.005mm, can ask to machine by the user commonly.

According to the granuality size with arenaceous quartz, arenaceous equipment is quartz of some need treatment to make arenaceous machine technically, mechanism arenaceous device, if the requirement is finer, into farinaceous wear device with special pink with respect to need.
Make arenaceous equipment----Dawn is versed in new development goes again new-style make arenaceous machine, the sand that production gives satisfies the requirement with arenaceous GB completely, with the supply of the arenaceous stone aggregate that waits at building, freeway.
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