Make the development trend of arenaceous equipment and leather belt conveyer
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Make include among arenaceous equipment: StoneMake arenaceous machineWith leather belt conveyer, this introduces below respectively two medium equipment

Actually stone makes arenaceous machine is our commonly used concussion type crusher, its job principle is: Stock is entered by feed hopperCrusher, distribute stock into two parts via dividing glassware, one part by cent in the impeller that high speed rotates is being entered among glassware, be quickened quickly inside impeller, its acceleration can amount to hundreds times gravitational acceleration, next with 60-70 rice / the speed of the second from impeller all cast 3 times inside the flow path of cloth shoot,

The current situation of technology of conveyer of foreign leather belt
The development of technology of conveyer of foreign leather belt is very rapid, its basically behave in 2 respects: It is broaden the scope of limits of the functional diversity of leather belt conveyer, application on one hand, turn like conveyer of tall obliquitous belt conveyor, belt tubal account, space all sorts of type such as leather belt conveyer; The technology that is itself of leather belt conveyer on the other hand and equipment had tremendous progress, especially the main way that the conveyer of large leather belt such as Sunday run, large volume, high belt speed already made progress, its core technology is development applies at analysis of belt conveyer trends and monitoring technology, raised the moving function of belt conveyer and dependability. Current, the belt conveyer that uses below colliery well already reached the main technique target that the watch shows 1 times, its key technology and equipment have the following characteristics:
⑴ facility is large change. Its are main technical parameter and equipment all are sided with large change development, produce per year 300~500 in order to satisfy efficient intensive changes high yield of above of 10 thousand T manufacturing need.
⑵ application trends analyses the new and high technology such as monitoring of technology and Electromechanical unifinication, computer, use high-power soft start with technology of automatic Zhang Jin, monitor into action condition to conveyer with monitoring, reduced conveyer belt greatly use pulling force, equipment moving performance is good, carriage efficiency is tall.
⑶ uses much chance drive and balance of intermediate drive and its power, conveyer to change to move wait for a technology, make conveyer stand-alone runs length to be in theoretic already had accept restriction, ensured the versatility that carries systematic equipment, interchangeability reachs the dependability of its unit drive.
⑷ is new-style, tall dependability is crucial yuan of assembly technique. Bearing roller of high speed of life of all sorts of advanced high-power actuating device that if include CST,wait inside and timing device, longevity, take from device of clear pattern platen, efficient lay aside device, fast move oneself tail. The FSW1200/ that produces like British FSW (2~3) ×400 (600) conveyer of belt of working surface suitable chamfer used fluid to stick difference fast or frequency control device, carriage ability amounts to 3000 T/h above, its tail and new-style reprint machine (the S500E that if the United States is long,benefit firm produces) form a complete set, can follow working surface elapse and move automatically oneself quickly, artificial exercise efficiency of little, production is tall.
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