How should be cobble used rise?
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Make arenaceous product line and the product line that make sand is same, because each places make a way,just differ just. The product line that make sand is main by gnathic type crusher, crusher of type of concussion of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy (make arenaceous machine) , vibrating separator, wash arenaceous machine and leather belt conveyer to form. Vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy pounds type crusher to also make PCL pounds type crusher or make sanded machine is me the company is absorbed cling to the technical advantage that mark company pounds type crusher to make sanded machine, the principle that crusher of PCL concussion type stone makes stone and stone forge iron is clever the new-style PCL vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy that be united in wedlock and develops production to go out pounds type crusher. Bridge of Henan dawn road is versed in limited company produces manufacturing PCL to pound type crusher again---Make arenaceous machine make manufacture efficiency of arenaceous product line taller, cost is lower. Type of this PCL concussion is broken at the same time make arenaceous machine still can be used at highway to be rectified with stone model.
One, make arenaceous product line primary technological process introduces
Above all, stone by thick broken machine namely gnathic type crusher undertakes preliminary and broken, the thick material that produces next is carried by rubber belt conveyor undertake to finely machine farther broken, finely the stone after gives two kinds of cobble into vibrating separator screening, satisfy the cobble that makes arenaceous machine take makings size to enter make arenaceous machine undertake making arenaceous, another part is returned makings into fine broken, undertake again broken, until in can entering concussion type crusher to make sanded machine namely, undertake making sand. Into the cobble that makes arenaceous machine one part is made arenaceous, via washing arenaceous machine (optional) finished product is made after cleaning arenaceous, another part still enters concussion type crusher to make arenaceous machine again without the stone that achieves a requirement again broken, until into can use a building to use sand.
2, Make function of arenaceous product line introduce
Dawn weighs what labour produces to make pitch of automation of arenaceous product line tall, moving cost is low, broken rate is high. Crusher of all sorts of model concussion type that our company produce are had energy-saving, the crop that become sand is big, pollution is little; And should make arenaceous machine maintain handy. Through Henan dawn road bridge is versed in limited company produces a PCL to pound type crusher to make sanded mechanism create the mechanism that come out namely again arenaceous accord with a country to build arenaceous standard, the makings size that this opportunity that make sand gives is even, bead look is good, grading combines product line of manage arenaceous stone special device is to produce a building to use arenaceous the special device with stone, include gnathic type crusher (thick slope, the first pace) , strike back type crusher (fine broken, the 2nd pace) , concussion type crusher, oscillatory feeder, vibrating separator, wash conveyer of arenaceous machine, leather belt to wait. My company (dawn is versed in again) equipment has property reliable, design reasonable, operation convenient, work efficiency the characteristic such as free from contamination of tall, environmental protection.
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