The dust in cleared electronic parts and damp
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“ dust and damp ” are the ” of enemy of “ number one of electronic product normally. To solve this one problem, be in about 5 years before, people often presses plasma ” technology to apply at electronic parts in “ of automobile industry lieutenant general first in enclosing craft. Nowadays, company of production of many of world each district famous electronic parts all used research and development of place of company of a Germany often press plasma to handle technical “Openair-Plasma” , this technology makes electronic parts manufacturer found the powerful weapon that copes with “ dust and damp ” .

To any industrial industries, no matter be to be in the process of new technology of daily production, ongoing still hair and new product, the exterior character of material has decisive effect from beginning to end. To make the surface of material acquires optimal character, must undertake pretreatment to its surface normally, what have no in order to make its are obtained originally is characteristic, can apply at more vast domain thereby. Treat technical limited company by plasma of —— of German equipment manufacturer (Plasmatreat GmbH) research and development registered patent often press plasma craft “Openair-Plasma”Can gift material surface with new character, and can make existing production technological process realizes maximize. Often press plasma to be had not only from what shoot in special spray gun super and careful purify action, and still can make material surface gets activation, can make thereby printing ink, coating or binder (the epoxy resin that often uses in electronic equipment for example perhaps heats up frit glue) etc can adhere to well in goods apparently.

Skill of this kind of work is enough with extremely high rate, perhaps undertake inside local limits to whole face successive “ online ” is handled. If use manipulator to undertake controlling to spray gun, still can come true to arrive accurately the local treatment effect of the dot, and can undertake depurative to extremely delicate rough sketch, activation and coating processing. It is OK that this kind uses the technology that often presses plasma to undertake handling to material surface ask according to the user quantity body is custom-built, its application is very wide.

Electrically neutral plasma is shot bundle

The spray gun of special design can make the system is in the plasma that often presses stability of the generation below the condition. Working gas is normally compress air, the plasma of generation is electrically neutral. Contain in plasma many, the excitation state particle that has high-energy amount, but clean and activation material surface, achieve wants processing result.

Because plasma is electrically neutral,be, so it uses a field not only extremely extensive, and handle very handy also security. Of the infuse power according to plasma source and nozzle structure different, the temperature of plasma is mixed in 100 ℃ between 300 ℃ . Normally, processing process can achieve ideal result below very high rate. In the process that has handling to plastic surface, exterior temperature rise won't exceed 20 ℃ . The particle in the plasma that often presses generation of plasma system place has extremely high rate, it can keep clear of effectively adherent the foreign matter grain at the surface, its purify the processing system of effect excel convention. In the meantime, plasma still can undertake activation equably to the surface, promotion surface can, increase adherent capacity of the surface reliably thereby.
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