Urban concrete builds the loop of rubbish to use
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                     city concrete builds the loop of rubbish to use
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Environmental protection is latter-day industry it is latter-day very more the first issue that each countries develop. Before ten years environmental protection is control industry pollutes environmental pollution and pollution of car tail gas merely for our country, include rubbish of waste gas, liquid waste, solid, and optical pollution and noise pollution live a few times this to environment and people the pollution that has importance effect. But, be in abroad, a few years ago, it is a few have other demand more to the requirement of environmental protection before New Year even, e.g. mineral products resource managing and reasonable use etc. Our country is some closer year of significant position that will also put the protection to mineral products resource in pair of environmental protection, build legal system not only, perfected the regulations system to mineral products resource, it is to shut a few small mine to undertake protective to mineral products resource more. In the meantime, more the requirement is reasonable use all sorts of mine smelt flotsam and manufacturing building waste material to have deep treatment, use again. The article undertakes to building rubbish waste material quote analyses a specification only.
World developed country takes the rebirth that encourages useless concrete to build rubbish seriously to use without an other place
The country with a few low-lying relief such as Denmark, Holand, arenaceous stone natural resources is particularly scarce be short of, the second birth that also takes the building waste material that includes to abandon concrete inside seriously most consequently is used. 1976, the Holand at that time, Belgium held water jointly with confederative Germany government " concrete disintegrate and recycle committee " , begin to serve as the thick, fine aggregate of concrete in order to abandon concrete.
The United States not only encourage second birth concrete use, and the research that still made a system to the function of second birth concrete and experiment, carry long-term research, the drying shrinkage that makes clear second birth concrete leads those who compare natural aggregate concrete to want big, must pass the processing of   specific aim consequently.
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