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The loop of rubbish of urban concrete building uses (broken section)   -- -- Shanghai builds smelt metal to weigh author of   of project machinery limited company: Zhang Hai year environmental protection is latter-day industry it is latter-day very more the first issue that each countries develop. Before ten years environmental protection is control industry pollutes environmental pollution and pollution of car tail gas merely for our country, include rubbish of waste gas, liquid waste, solid, and optical pollution and noise pollution live a few times this to environment and people the pollution that has importance effect. But, be in abroad, a few years ago, it is a few have other demand more to the requirement of environmental protection before New Year even, e.g. mineral products resource managing and reasonable use etc. Our country is some closer year of significant position that will also put the protection to mineral products resource in pair of environmental protection, build legal system not only, perfected the regulations system to mineral products resource, it is to shut a few small mine to undertake protective to mineral products resource more. In the meantime, more the requirement is reasonable use all sorts of mine smelt flotsam and manufacturing building waste material to have deep treatment, use again. The article undertakes to building rubbish waste material quote analyses a specification only. World developed country takes the rebirth that encourages useless concrete to build rubbish seriously to use the country with a few low-lying relief such as Denmark, Holand without an other place, arenaceous stone natural resources is particularly scarce be short of, the second birth that also takes the building waste material that includes to abandon concrete inside seriously most consequently is used. 1976, the Holand at that time, Belgium held water jointly with confederative Germany government " concrete disintegrate and recycle committee " , begin to serve as the thick, fine aggregate of concrete in order to abandon concrete. The United States not only encourage second birth concrete use, and the research that still made a system to the function of second birth concrete and experiment, carry long-term research, the drying shrinkage that makes clear second birth concrete leads those who compare natural aggregate concrete to want big, must pass the processing of   specific aim consequently. Japan took the lead in making 1977 " second birth aggregate and second birth concrete use a standard " . Made again 1991 " resource uses stimulative method afresh " , the regulation builds the broken bits earth of the generation in construction process, coagulation clod, bitumen coagulation clod, lumber, the building rubbish such as the metal, all must send toward " renewable resources changes establishment " undertake handling. According to concerning data report, tokyo had been achieved to building the new utilization rate of rubbish 1998 56% . Shen Cheng useless concrete cared 4.5 million tons most to abandoning issue of concrete second birth last year, divide municipal construction beyond the branch, count environmental sanitation branch probably. From environmental sanitation branch understanding arrives, shanghai produced broken bits earth to make an appointment with 30 million tons 2006, according to computation, there is 15% about in these broken bits earth is all sorts of useless concrete, be in namely last year in a year, shen Cheng produced about 4.5 million tons of useless concrete. Calculate again the following: General concrete proportion every stere 2.4 tons, ordinal, if abandon these 4.5 million tons,concrete reachs a suburban district on average with 1 meter height booth, with respect to the place that will take 1.875 million square metre, be equivalent to the standard basketball field that formal match uses couplet of 4465 international basket! Abandon concrete to carry these, expended huge social natural resources. At present Shanghai has 484 transportation enterprises and 224 individual operator to participate in the clear fortune that builds waste material, car sum total is controlled 3000 times, adding these car is " oily tiger " , press every car everyday bad news is oily 300 liter plan, they should drain 328500 tons of benzine or diesel oil one year, be abandoned among them concrete " drink " drop, do not issue 50 thousand tons. At present, because receive world gain,the caused city such as construction climax abandons concrete " crop " increasing at high speed. Concerned branch predicts, the gross of broken bits earth of whole 2007 town, will achieve 40 million tons. Next two years, also will add only do not decrease. Change character, in nearly 3 years, shanghai whole town will face the enormous pressure of many tons of 1500 earth of on 100 million tons of broken bits, useless concrete. On December 13, 2006 " new civilian evening paper " gave with respect to key print the name is " the expert builds rubbish tens of thousands of tons to find out a road everyday for Shanghai " article, and by each big media is reprinted eagerly. The processing that builds rubbish it is thus clear that and reasonable use an issue already extremely urgent. Illegal quarry digs natural resources of arenaceous the director before destroying bureau of protection of natural resources of water of catchment of zoology environment the Yangtse River, famous water to protect an expert before Weng Lida a few years to mention: Each district builds prosperity, caused the huge demand of resource of arenaceous to beach of bottom of the Yangtse River stone, the chaos that also took large-scale plunder form collects excessive to dig a phenomenon, caused 6 great harms directly: Disturbed channel, influence shipping, block up is discharged big, crisis bridge boat, reduce water quality, destroy modes of life and relation to their environment. The experience of the Yangtse River, also appear in the home such as Pearl River, Haihe River, Qian Tangjiang almost all size on river plain. Can say, be close to urban river more, jump over by the degree of damage big. Say quarry again, the photograph is more arenaceous than be being collected illegally, earlier, harm also weighs the phenomenal history that chaos of excessive cut into a mountain takes rock. Make the top of a mountain with windy picturesque scene, include famous Shanxi Qing Longshan of 5 hill, Shandong Lao hill, Jiangsu had been dug to get 1000 wound book of every piece 100 aperture, wolf. " random quarry " gnaw " drop green hill piece piece " the flesh " " become the upland and a mountainous area general portraiture such as Anhui of short for Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu, west lake for a time. Want quarry, must first fell trees is arboreous; Next again in quarry, carriage process, can play havoc with vegetation again, cause the natural disaster such as soil erosion and mud-rock flow. Shanghai builds smelt metal foundation social demand, development is new-style and broken make arenaceous screening whole set of equipment actually, be in early 2003, shanghai builds smelt metal to weigh project machinery limited company senior engineer checks tens of names the clastic rock in recycle of useless concrete loop is made arenaceous, sizing device had research and development and test. Be aimed at useless concrete broken difficult, it is difficult to clean, depart is difficult, contain earth to contain powdery quantity to wait for technical difficult problem greatly, absorb foreign advanced experience, use foreign advanced technique, combinative company is original already sold in the market, use old maturity, the equipment that finalize the design, made those who went out to be raw material in order to abandon concrete only 2006, with oscillatory feeding machine, E Shi those who strike back crusher of type crusher, type of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, vibrating separator is core is crusher, broken, make arenaceous screening whole set of equipment, hourly output is 50-300t/h (granuality of makings of crop, finished product can be designed according to the requirement) , the rolled steel that all products choose, all take from group of Shanghai treasure steel, form a complete set the product that is the manufacturer with fine quality, rotor axis, eccentric shafe use alloy steel complete forge to hit, treatment is made and become. In equipment fragile be like: Board of another name for Hubei province, bar and scaleboard, as joint as collaboration of wear-resisting material institute development, development, raised the wearability of material greatly, lengthened fragile service life, managing material finished cost. In equipment of electric equipment control electronic-controlled crust of ark, work station, through anticorrosive processing, cut by machinery, tear open, go all out to install and be become. Original of all electric equipment is decorated, installation, include reasonable clearance, space, the electric arc that makes sure electric equipment leaves a generation in normal movement condition and quantity of heat do not affect the performance of electric equipment original, have safe, reliable, fault rate low, service life is long wait for an advantage. The stone treatment quality that whole set of equipment of clastic rock, screening produces achieves GB14685-2001 standard to provide the mechanism that controls arenaceous equipment production arenaceous achieve GB14686-2001 standard Shanghai municipal project bureau with second birth concrete collect makings is cement to stabilize clastic rock aggregate, regard as below facing of bitumen of advanced course highway basically bearing of the layer in try. 13 smelt metal made Shanghai treasure steel makings of collect of second birth of first useless concrete of domestic uses first test that makes water certain material and pilot unit. Tackle key problem what be put in what quantity catastrophe gnaws to abandon concrete mainly is broken on. Shanghai builds smelt metal to weigh labour to received Shanghai treasure steel in April 2007 13 smelt metal about abandoning concrete after file of invite public bidding of whole set of equipment of broken, screening, held water instantly " Shanghai treasure steel group of project of concrete of second birth of 13 smelt metal " . Have one only from residential area in the light of spot building site, 200 meters, strict to the noise when equipment is broken and dust control, reinforcing steel bar, iron, earth is contained to expect the amount is larger in raw material useless concrete, 0-4.75 of requirement of granuality of finished product makings, 4.75-9.5, 9.5-19 (Mm) , time limit for a project asks to wait for a series of difficult problem inside 30-45 day, project group is bold use new-style the breaking equipment that is raw material in order to abandon concrete, oscillatory feeding machine is in give equably continuously makings at the same time, purify of the clay in useless concrete, impurity. Crusher of type of another name for Hubei province serves as thick broken, will hard rock strikes back type crusher serves as 2 class broken, finished product expects quality is good, crop is big. Screening aircrew chooses YK vibrating separator, remove dust use pulse type dust catcher and vibrating separator place to add outfit gush to drench equipment photograph is united in wedlock, controlled dust pollution effectively. Removing dust while, gush drenchs equipment cleans finished product material clean. To the control of noise, use lead plane device sink type design, greatly reduced noise, achieve environmental protection requirement. Add after thick broken unit additionally outfit except equipment of steel, iron, purify of the reinforcing steel bar in useless concrete, iron piece. In the loss of reinforcing steel bar, iron piece to equipment won't be eliminated while the influence is produced, equipment of a complete set of matchs reasonable, dimensional position is precise, cover an area of an area small, crop is big, stone quality is good.  2007 year April the middle ten days of a month, in the competition that produces manufacturer in equipment of numerous clastic rock, by right of design of equipment of a complete set of reasonable, advanced, product pledges the quantity is advantageous, shanghai builds smelt metal to weigh labour to show itself, make Shanghai treasure steel what makings of collect of second birth of first useless concrete of home of 13 smelt metal uses the whole set of equipment of broken, screening that makes water certain material is exclusive provide manufacturing company.  2007 year in June, whole set of equipment of broken, screening installs complete set, debug end, throw production smoothly, begin to be Shanghai Shanghai too the road transforms a project to experiment paragraph offer stone.  2007 year on August 9, sun Jiaying of senior engineer of class of professor of academy of municipal program design introduces Shanghai, the each function target that the experiment achieves all accords with national level requirement, prove the technology that this city trash uses circularly, can undertake completely more large-scale application promotion. The importance of renewable resources, second birth technology should popularize Zhang Yunzhi of deputy director general of Shanghai city political situation extensively to introduce more, shanghai in recent years municipal project project is much, measure with arenaceous stone very big. The Shanghai of this 28 kilometers below smooth foot too the road is about to begin transform a project, predict arenaceous stone is used do not expect below 1 million tons. Accordingly, the sense that develops concrete second birth to use new technology very far-reaching, perspective is quite wide. He discloses, city town political situation reachs relevant construction unit, already planned to popularize this technology in the round on this line, into 30% right-and-left second birth with mix into concrete serves as bearing layer radical makings. Only this one project, be expected to save tens of 10 thousand natural clastic rock and a large number of arenaceous stone, and can assure project quality completely. Meanwhile, the standardization that city town political situation already still began to begin second birth concrete works, strive for rise this technology to standard level at an early date, to be on bigger range promotion makes good preparation. At present " two courtyards " Zhang Yushi of former undersecretary of ministry of construction of academician, country is in be informed Shanghai concrete of second birth of municipal engineering department makes cement of advanced course highway, the experiment of aggregate of stable clastic rock obtains the excited expression after the success: "Should understand this problem from such height: Urban construction should be cost with destroying green hill green water anything but, second birth concrete has far-reaching effect to protecting all sorts of environment of the land of country, resource, try to give aid to urgently, strive for popularize application in countrywide limits at an early date. "   in recent years, jiang He collects body of arenaceous, hill to be dug by chaos in disorder, already forbade more than appearance repeatedly into a lot of places. Its germ, it is urban and rural construction flourishs increasingly, house of arenaceous stone demand does not fall high. And, arenaceous stone of line-haul huge amount also increased very great burden to highway traffic, wasted a lot of the sources of energy. Besides, inside and outside of city of arenaceous accumulation of stone of earth of much waste residue, take up precious land natural resources, endanger a city badly. And technology of concrete second birth is OK and managing a large number of arenaceous stone, have profit to relieving this 3 big symptom, deserve attempt, promotion very much.  
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