Building rubbish resource turns applicable technology, application and equipment
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1, building rubbish makes second birth brick (block)   abandons tile mediumly to produce aggregate with building rubbish, use at producing second birth brick. Its produce craft and equipment to compare simple, maturity, avoid agglomeration, product performance is steady, market demand is big. According to calculating, brick of 100 million second birth but disappear accept builds rubbish 370 thousand tons. The main norms of brick of common second birth is   building rubbish 55mm of × of 240mm × 115mm, intensity grade can achieve MU7.5~MU15; Also can ask according to Gu Jian construction Gu Jianzhuan of second birth of custom-built building rubbish.   (1) brick of second birth of rubbish of building of technical standard   should be satisfied " blame agglomeration is common argillaceous brick " (JC422) specifications requirement, block of building rubbish second birth should be satisfied " common concrete is small-sized and hollow block " (GB8239) radioactivity of block of brick of second birth of specifications requirement; , second birth can be returned should satisfy " set limit to of housing materials radionuclide " (GB6566) requirement.   (2) the blame that brick of common second birth can use rubbish of building of suitable scope   at main wall of low layer architectural and construction project bearings structure, second birth Gu Jianzhuan applies to archaize architectural to build.   (3) city of Dan of Han of province of Heibei of applied example  , Shijiazhuang city, beijing prosperous smooth area and and other places of Chong Wen area already had experiment of second birth brick to build 150 much square metre, time of the longest application already amounted to 4 years of above.   (4) raw material of main craft  : 2 times into   of screening of broken   of   of makings   screening broken   double deck screen divides   of   qualification raw material to make a brick (block) :   mixes agitate   suppress to shape into makings     of finished product of   of   natural conserve (5) raw material of main facility   (productivity 120-150 ton / hour) : Feed hopper, feeding machine, gnathic broken machine, oppose transport plane of checkmate, vibrating separator, adhesive plaster (it is 4 commonly) , the forklift; Yi Ke consults Shi Sheng of active artificial sand produces line place to choose with equipment; Total power makes an appointment with 415KW.   makes a brick (productivity 30 million / year) : Raw material canister 3, metric agitate equipment, hydraulic pressure vibration makes a brick shape equipment one stage, splint a certain number of, forklift; Yi Ke consults what product line of brick of active cement mechanism uses equipment to choose) ; Total power makes an appointment with 130KW. Block produces craft to be similar to this.   (6) the raw material after covering an area of area   classics to machine processing piles up, bricky product line and finished product pile up (do not contain building rubbish raw material to cover an area of) left and right sides of 4000  square metre.  
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