Wuhan city blueness is a mountainous area: Development loop economy builds zoolo
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Blueness of Hubei Wuhan city is a mountainous area, gathered together many 10 state-owned and large company such as petrifaction of Wu Gang, fierce, 1/3 what economic gross holds Wuhan city, but also brought heavy pressure to the environment -- , the 70 % that pollute emission to occupy Wuhan for a time. How to build already " bullion green hill " , build again " green water green hill " ? Green a mountainous area effort walks out of new way: Expand circular economy, take new-style industrialized way. At present, this area passes development loop economy, already formed systemic circulation of the loop in area of garden of the pulmonary circulation between the enterprise, industry, society, do not break outspread industry chain, spin circular catenary, clutch again zoology catenary. Industry pulmonary circulation is outspread industrial catenary in recent years, green hill division expands circular economy energetically, drive interior of industry of green hill region to circulate, utmost ground control is polluted and use resource. Before before long, fierce steel group releases domestic steely company report of responsibility of the first society: Regard dimensions of green hill area as the biggest state-owned company, wu Gang is chance with technical reformation, use advanced energy-saving new technology, new technology and new equipment, great promoted energy conservation. Last year, wu Gang invests 400 million yuan, build section water demonstrative project, make production achieves 95.56 % with boiler circulation rate. Come for years, fierce steel group already accumulative total throws 3.25 billion yuan, use at solid litter processing, air and water quality improvement. In energy-saving decrease a platoon at the same time, wu Gang accomplished high yield to go out cost-effective, even from inside litter, cleaned out on value 100 million yuan " gold " . 2007, wu Gang produces litter of of all kinds industry 6.066 million tons, turn into entirely renewable resources. Through litter " produce 2 times " , wu Gang realizes production value one year 1.367 billion yuan. Fierce petrifaction begins cleanness to turn production, not only managing the sources of energy, still reduced the discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur in waste gas greatly, reduced emission, noise and smooth pollution. Green hill heat and power plant also changes the past " one knife is cut " practice, turn and carry out " go up to be pressed greatly small " policy, the large company such as petrifaction of Xiang Wugang, fierce provides enough, stable heat energy, the furnace of heat addition pannikin that reduces circumjacent area, raised heat addition quality and heat energy integrated utilization rate, reduced substantially generate electricity coal consumption, reduce the contaminant such as sulfur of entire plant and area soot, 2 oxidation effectively to discharge, improved the environment of green hill area and even Wuhan city. Nowadays, in green hill, development loop economy already became consensus. Last year, green hill area finishs blowdown of business of industry of 36 dimensions above to declare register, integrated punish 16 boiler (kiln) furnace changes light, close 4 cement plant, demolish group of bamboo shoots in spring 2 10 tons of boiler, close stop small generation set of green hill heat and power plant. Carry active operation, green hill " old appearance is changed new colour " . 2 oxidation sulfur, soot and industrial dust discharge capacity decreased respectively last year 15 % , 25 % and 30 % , finish Wuhan city make known to lower levels 3 years ahead of schedule " 915 " the task that decrease a platoon, air quality first from " slight pollution " upgrade for " good " , empty qualitative good rate amounts to 64.4 % , rise compared to the same period 7.1 percent. 2007, green a mountainous area total output value breaks through 30 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 15 % ; Implementation taxation is close one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, 1/6 what hold whole town about; GDP of average per capita is as high as 68 thousand yuan, it is 2 times of GDP of Wuhan city average per capita. The loop in garden area spins industrial catenary not only the enterprise realizes a loop, green hill area returns lay off a loop " economy is encircled " , the loop is driven in many enterprises and garden interval. Fierce petrifaction is green hill area enterprise of a large chemical industry, last year, wuhan protects Hua Shi to change a company to invest 180 million yuan, benefit converts discharged industrial waste with Wu Shi, produce aromatic hydrocarbon and heavy qualitative asphalt. After project put into production, annual produce can amount to 820 million yuan, the duty that achieve profit 24 million yuan. Wu Gang discharges a large number of slag every year, it is treasure to become useless, green hill area establishs company of engineering of environmental protection of metallurgy broken bits. This company uses slag, produce pink of slag of 200 thousand tons of mill and slag of 100 thousand stere every year hollow block, realized fierce steel slag not only 0 discharge, still let waste residue field turn landscape into the area, produced beneficial result of huge economy, environment. Those who rely on development of business of large and state-owned heavy industry is medium coolie estate company, green hill area shares 125, among them 80 % above relies on the heavy industry such as steely, petrifaction and electric power to live; These medium and small businesses or " eat only " the waste residue that big company produces, waste gas, liquid waste, produce environmental protection product; Or catenary of industry of outspread big company, have deep treatment of rolled steel, oil. Statistic shows, successive 5 years, first what amplitude of tax of sale of company of estate of the coolie in above of dimensions of green hill area, profit all resides Wuhan downtown the city zone. More and large company also develops collaboration in succession: Green hill heat and power plant will generate electricity petrifaction of fierce of more than hot supply makes manufacturing the sources of energy, decrease a sulfur of 580 tons of 2 oxidation every year; Wu Gang and fierce petrifaction reach more than nitrogen to use an agreement, raise resource utilization rate; Wuhan city metallurgy builds courtyard and green hill heat and power plant to reach collaboration, use desulphurization gesso to produce material of body of light qualitative wall... at present, between business of green hill division already preliminary formed metallurgy broken bits (slag of broken bits of blast furnace water, converter) , reclaim scrap iron and steel, building materials product; Ferric oxide skin (iron oxide red) , magnetic material; Boiler flue gas removes dust, fly ash, building materials product; Flue gas to decoke, desulphurization broken bits, building materials product; Coal tar, much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon, careful chemical industry; Sludge of the dirt that contain iron (mud of blast furnace gas, converter removes dust sludge of grey, dirt) , reclaim scrap iron and steel, agglomeration expects (refrigerant, reducer) ; The gas that contain sulfur, reclaim sulfureous; Catalytic oily oar, aromatic hydrocarbon raw material, the circular industry chain such as carbon fiber. Rely on circular catenary, green hill area seizes opportunity, energetically compose builds loop industry system. At present, green hill area already formed the division of 3 big garden that is core with circular economy: Use integratedly with solid litter, infrastructure shares the garden of industry of worker village city that is characteristic; The garden of environmental protection industry that is characteristic with service of production of environmental protection equipment, appreciation; With circular economy research and development of the technology that prop up, advisory service is the garden of new and high technology of characteristic. Industrial intensive is changed, formed new competitive dominant position. The construction of each big garden area is being advanced steadily, production of complex industry scrap pledges the priority discipline of economy of a batch of loops such as wall body material is garrisoned gently garden area. 2007, only city industry garden finishs gross value of industrial output 1.182 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 55.12 % . "In make full use of resource, optimize the premise that exploits the sources of energy and protective environment to fall, those who realized efficiency and gain is the biggest change. " Jin Chong of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering expresses, the development of the circular economy of green hill area has demonstrative value extremely. Area of green hill of catenary of zoology of grip of social systemic circulation is carried out seriously " be restricted model makes " , environmental protection shopping bag is popularized in 61 bazaar, supermarket and 19 free market of agricultural productses. Committee member of this area the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from dig down, custom-built 10000 many shopping bag, extend freely community. Before long, green hill area is in again steel 8 community of the garden, carry out rubbish classification to collect pilot job, life rubbish cent is can reclaim, cannot reclaim, poisonous 3 kinds, classification collects processing. The whole people is participated in, push social systemic circulation in all. Before two years, the village of green scene center of this area more than 600 dwellers, rise too " energy-saving " the life. Undertake classified dividing installing to rubbish, hand in again by the microbial organic rubbish inside the village processing room is decomposed. These lives organic rubbish carries microbial bacterium group after decomposing, hangover qualitative change was become but the organic fertilizer of recycle. Dweller sewage also had new use. After establishment of village sewage disposal collects sewage, wait for a series of processing through bucket of pretreatment pool, zoology, precipitation bucket, arenaceous filter, disinfection, become clear in water. Water is used at landscape in rinse with sprinkling irrigation of water, afforest and road, not only everyday but managing 50 tons of tap water, also reduced sewage accordingly discharge. Village of green scene center is Hubei Kangju of state of province head home sets an example project and Wuhan city build energy-saving and pilot demonstrative project, 62 energy-saving technologies use in construction the Communist Party of China. Walk into a village, everywhere sees environmental protection energy-saving " form " : Body of heat preservation wall, solar energy lamp, medium rubbish of water treatment establishment, life handles equipment... green hill trifling grows Qin Jun to tell a reporter, the village still can be built in 4 inside the area pilot, fulfil a building strictly energy-saving, solar energy is used, the loop of the respect such as sewage disposal, realize whole area to abandon old batteries to reclaim centrally. Current, this area already signed cooperative agreement with company of new technology of Shenzhen case Lin Meigao, in whole area setting hundreds useless old batteries reclaims dot. To realize social systemic circulation, compose establishs zoology the city zone, green hill area still sums up a fundamental that gives his: Have into have retreat, grip zoology catenary, be willing to part with or use abandons. What is meant by " does be willing to part with or use abandon " ? Not long ago, a transnational corporation is about to build a plant in green hill investment, the annual produce after building will exceed 1 billion yuan. Face this one big project, black a mountainous area leader is cool-headed, carry out annulus strictly to judge one ticket to overrule, rejected this to pollute serious project. Last year a year, green hill area in all refus approves 12 investment project, decrease bring endowment specified number 550 million yuan. In " block go out " at the same time, green hill area is active also " introduce come " : Press the standard of zoology industry the city zone, green hill area introduces science and technology enterprise and environmental protection industry energetically, office of positive development business affairs, banking is safe, modern the contemporary service line of business such as content shedding, realize economy to develop the change of means hard. Did not come 5 years, project of 70 loops economy will start this division in succession, always invest nearly 20 billion yuan. Be in " 915 " during, infrastructure of this area nation and industry grow major project to invest 100 billion yuan. Among them, 60 billion use at industrial equipment to transform, 40 billion devoted infrastructure is built. Green hill area appoint chief expresses, of a series of projects carry out stage by stage, can ensure green hill area arrives basically " 915 " period end, specific power consumption of unit of implementation gross domestic product reduces 20 % left and right sides, main contaminant to discharge gross to reduce the goal of 20 % . Origin: China makes bricky machine net
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