How to remove the trouble with intense and oscillatory disintegrator
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Be in a country, often see classics overhaul is mixed the first time the hammer of installation piece type disintegrator produces intense vibration in the airframe in test run. Appear this kind of circumstance basically has the following reasons:  

(1) overhaul the hammer in assembling piece installation is wrong. Hammer piece change a face to turn around when using, to prevent rotor weight overbalance, all hammer inside disintegrator piece must change a face to turn around simultaneously, can produce intense vibration in move otherwise.  

(2) corresponding two groups of hammer piece the difference of weight exceeds 5 grams. The method that eliminate is to adjust hammer piece weight, homologize the difference of two groups of weight is little at 5 grams.  

(3) individual hammer piece get stuck too closely, in moving, did not swing. Can stop machine hind to observe with hand roll, think method makes hammer piece rotational and agile.  

(4) other part weight is lopsided on rotor, need to part at this moment microscope adjusts a balance.  

(5) main shaft bends be out of shape. Settlement way is alignment or change.  

(6) bearing clearance exceeds the limit or damage. Use commonly change new bearing ability solves a problem.  

(7) bottom horn secures screw cap in tighten or moving, become loose. Settlement way is close solid. Tags:&   of breakdown of disintegrator of    of trouble removal of Nbsp disintegrator   

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