Mound new mining area is used open greatly prop up new breakthrough
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Come in please, walk out of, capital attraction, joint-stock collaboration, mound the strength that mine group company increases reforming and opening, livened mining area economy a dish of chess, mound for the breakthrough new make new contribution. In Bai Yinhua collaboration opens open air, oil shale mine is bought in Jilin birch pasture, inside collaboration of unconscious, Xinjiang exploits a mine, cheat oil shale of Ao sweat exploration inside... a series of big movement, will become mound the matting that new mining area breaks through. mounds the key that new mining area is transition of whole city economy. Mound the economic transition of new area, because coal natural resources is dried up with each passing day,be and case. Come a few years, mound the technical reformation that mine group strengthens mine, stabilized coal production, created a condition to stabilize transition. Meanwhile, they quicken the development pace of the industry that be not coal. Build golden hill heat and power plant, gangue heat and power plant undertakes 2 period extend, development, use coal-bed gas, reclaim use slime water, develop material of gangue wall body, a series of coal add the treatment of produce to use a project, add the progress of the original industry that be not coal, the scale that makes income of the industry that be not coal holds gross earnings raises 40 % above, realized transition the target of the first phase. This year, government of provincial Party committee, province puts forward " the breakthrough mounds new " the strategy, to mound the farther transition development of new mining area created new opportunity. Mound consider the situation of mine group leading group, to the development of mining area direction of train of thought, development and industrial fixed position, layout is adjusted etc had meticulous plan, new authorized strength develops a program, put forward preliminary inside 3 years form coal, basalt, shale oil 3 pillar industry, make fiber of coal, basalt, shale oil and industry of existing blame coal 4 big board piece, company sales revenue achieves the struggling goal of 10 billion yuan of above. Want to achieve economically breakthrough, the breakthrough wants on idea idea above all. Mound the experience that transition of summary of mine group leading group comes to a few years, think to be opened greatly only, ability has the comprehensive transition of mining area, ability has economically big breakthrough. Heat and power plant of golden hill gangue is mining area the classic of joint-stock collaboration. Cooperate with golden hill electric power, use mound the low qualitative coal of new mining area generates electricity, broke through capital bottle diameter, inside very short time with respect to put into production, pull moved growth of economy of whole mining area. Golden hill thermoelectric is successful, let mound the potential that mine group saw him and advantage, also saw the prospect that mining area transition breaks through. Since this year, mound mine group increased open strength. <BR> uses advantage of good place resource actively to determine a project, energetically capital attraction. Mound to have rich basalt newly, make fiber, the pulling force that compares steel is powerful severalfold, can process a variety of products. The course tries hard with all possible means, mound mine group and geology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and physical institute signed cooperative agreement, do pre-construction work actively. The plan finishs fibrous of 100 thousand tons of basalt to build factory and the construction that process a business before 2010, achieve year of income 5 billion yuan. Mound a few villages and towns have new area natural resources of Peng embellish land, do not use reach the designated position. Mound mine group already began early days work, want company of as metalloid as China mining industry and scientific research unit, institution of higher learing cooperates, use advanced technology and technology, development and production are blanched earth, careful cast the product such as earth of earth, artesian well slop, form the manufacturing company of product of earth of series Peng embellish. The coal-bed of mining area is angry, development is used at the dweller to live before, bring a partner now, use at generating electricity, already installed generation set 47, generating capacity is achieved annual 90 million degrees. Act on have into have the principle that retreat, a few traditional products will be added to be worth the new product place with good prospect of tall, market to replace. Turn over holy Nuo company Beijing new era civilian explode igneous work tastes Inc. , introduce advanced igneous work to taste product line, will civilian explode the industry is done big. Mound natural resources of coal of new mining area is dried up with each passing day, mound mine group makes full use of the side dominant position such as technology, management, equipment, explore continue property actively and highlight effect. The Bai Yinhua that is in Inner Mongolia 4 open air, will finish 16 million stere to come off this year quantity, plan 800 thousand tons to give coal, to year end form manhood produces capability of 5 million tons of coal. Group company expedites a team again, in clear fierce Xie Lin stage undertakes essence of coal natural resources check, had made the preparation that build mine. Xinjiang allows Ge Er to have the throughout the country's biggest coal resource, group company and other company are joint-stock registered new company, prepare to exploit a mine to Xinjiang. The oil on international is nervous, mound mine group collects open look at oil field shale again, in Jilin birch pasture, they bought 3 oil shale mine, with Shenyang cooperation of a company transforms pit. In banner of sweat of Inner Mongolia Ao, mound mine group also stands went up boring tower, search oil field shale. In Xinjiang, they also value oily mother placer deposit to produce, running cooperative matters concerned actively. Capital attraction does not divide north and south, the partner spreads all over a thing, mound a few of mine group " with great quantity " , compose built the structure that opens greatly. They are searching business chance besides mining area, open up battlefield, and fine to local coal collect finish machining, raise the origin of service fixed number of year of mine hard: China makes bricky machine net
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