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Oscillatory feederFunction brief introduction:

Oscillatory feederWeigh oscillatory feeding machine again. It is the chunk stock is carried equably before thick crusher and designs new-style and oscillatory feeder in be broken screening only. This machine uses the structural characteristic of vibrator of double eccentric shafe, make sure facilities can stand the concussion that chunk stock falls, give makings ability big. OK in pull current Cheng expect stock of shape of lump, grain the storehouse is medium from lay aside even, time, give continuously go in getting makings plant, prevent to suffer makings device to expect because of entering thereby not all and the phenomenon that produces dead engine, lengthened service life of equipment. Feeder can be divided for board structure and comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb structure, the feeder of board structure is multi-purpose product line of Yu Sha stone, send breaking equipment equably stock entirely; Comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb structural feeder can undertake to stock riddle is divided, make the system is being made up on more economy is sound, already served as indispensable equipment in broken screening. In the device of combination of broken, screening that uses extensively at the industry such as metallurgy, colliery, mineral separation, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive consequently.

This seriesOscillatory feederOscillatory and smooth, job reliable, noise low, waste time can be little, , without strong makings phenomenon, life long, care and maintenance goes to the lavatory, weight small, equipment adjustment installs light, bulk convenient, integral performance is good, should use enclosed dust pollution can prevent when structural airframe.

Oscillatory feederWorking principle:

Oscillatory feeder is by wait for composition to pedestal of makings cell body, vibrator, bedspring, gearing. Cell bodyOscillatory feederoscillatory source is vibrator, vibrator is by two eccentric shafe (advocate, passive) with gear deputy composition, pass V-belt drive drive shaft by electromotor, turn by axis of passivity of clench the teeth of drive shaft cog again, advocate, passive axis rotates reversely at the same time, make cell body oscillatory, make stock continuous flow, achieve the goal that carries stock.

Dimension of type stuff chamfer (Mm) the biggest grow into makings edge (Mm) processing capability (T/h) electric machinery power (Kw) over all dimension (Mm) weight (Kg) GZD-850×3000 850×3000 400 80-120 7.5 3110X1800X1600 3895 GZD-960×3800 960×3800 500 120-210 11-15 3850X1950X1630 3980 GZD-1100×4200 1100×4200 580 200-430 11-15 4400X2050X1660 4170 GZD-1100×4900 4900×1100 580 280-500 15-18.5 5200X2050X1700 4520 GZD-1300×4900 4900×1300 650 450-600 18.5-22 5200X2350X1750 5200

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