Round vibrating separator - introduce round vibrating separator in detail
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Round vibrating separator - introduce round vibrating separator in detail

Vibrating separator uses at stock classification processing, the stock all sorts of different measurement is apart, the stock that needs to be divided into a few kinds of size according to the user will choose number of plies, use the stock of 3 kinds of size apart for example 3 vibrating separator can.

YZS round vibrating separator is a kind of new-style sizing device, oscillatory contrail is a circle, design for stone of quarry screening makings only, also can reach the branch such as chemical industry to make a product classification for choosing coal, mineral separation, building materials, electric power with. This sieve machines and tools has a structure advanced, stimulate Zhen Lijiang, oscillatory noise small, easily the characteristic such as maintenance, hard usage. The circle that my company produces brace up sieve crop specific power consumption all reachs national level, live domestic and international advanced standard, get each industry user fully reputably. Vibrator of eccentric shafe of cylindrical shell type is used to reach on the structure slant piece adjust amplitude, advanced rivet joins the wallop that assembled type frame structure to raised service life of equipment and bedspring vibration absorber to reduce pair of bases, it is a kind of multilayer, efficient new-style vibrating separator. Sieve of this type stock drips the line is long, screening norms is much, each archives norms chooses clarity, screening efficiency is tall, jam not easily. Have a structure reasonable, stimulate Zhen Lijiang, oscillatory noise small, hard usage, maintenance the advantage such as convenient, use safety, the product that uses extensively at the industry such as mine, building materials, traffic, the sources of energy, chemical industry classifications, it is the ideal equipment on broken screening aircrew. When installing alveolus diameter screen mesh, must add water gush to drench the adhesive of ability screening moisture expects.

Round vibrating separator is main structure:

YZS series round vibrating separator by piece box of prejudicial type vibrator, sieve, electromotor, base and belt support composition.

Principle of job of round vibrating separator:

Electromotor classics V-belt makes vibrator prejudicial piece generation high speed rotates. Of movement prejudicial the centrifugal power with a very great generation, arouse sieve box to produce the circular motion of certain amplitude, the stock on the sieve produces successive chuck movement in the impulse that box is sifted to be passed on declining compass screen surface, stock makes the grain that is less than sieve aperture appears a sieve in the process with encountering of compass screen surface, come true thereby classification.

Round vibrating separator has the following characteristic:

Structure of 1. round vibrating separator is original, technical parameter is advanced, processing capability is big, screening efficiency is tall.
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