Wash arenaceous machine
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Wash arenaceous machine

Washing arenaceous machine is the product of form a complete set that makes arenaceous machine be a kind equipment of round of the washing that fight form, can clean the stone pink clay in depart arenaceous stone, its original sealed structure, reliable gearing, ensured the effect that cleans dehydration, it is to cooperate a kind when use to make arenaceous machine efficient wash arenaceous device.

Wash arenaceous machine to apply extensively at a variety of industries such as building site of large dams of concrete of factory of construction site, arenaceous stone, hydroelectric station, , it is had abluent degree tall, the construction is reasonable, treating capacity is large, power comsumption is small, prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the sand in washing arenaceous process is little, wash part of arenaceous machine drive especially all with water, arenaceous segregation, reason its fault rate greatly under current and commonly used wash arenaceous machine, it is home washs arenaceous industry to upgrade the optimal choice of replacement.

Wash arenaceous mechanic to make a principle:

When washing arenaceous mechanic to make, impeller is driven after electric machinery passes decelerate of machine of V-belt, decelerate, gear slow roll, arenaceous stone has in entering washing trough to makings chamfer, in impeller drive next rolling, mutual and abrade, eliminate covers the foreign matter of arenaceous stone surface, destroy the lunt layer of packet of Fu arenaceous bead at the same time, with benefit at dehydration; Add water at the same time, form powerful current, reach foreign matter in time the foreign body with small proportion to take away, export washing trough eduction from excessive, finish clean action. Clean arenaceous stone is taken away by blade, arenaceous finally stone enters a makings chamfer from rotating impeller, finish arenaceous stone clean action.

Those who pound equipment of type crusher form a complete set wash arenaceous machine

Wash arenaceous machine norms and performance data watch:

Wash XSD2610 XSD2816 XSD3016 of arenaceous type name Impeller norms (width of × of Mm)(external diameter) φ2600×1000 φ2800×1600 φ3000×1600 Impeller rotate speed (R/min) 1.178 1.177 1.179 Treating capacity (T/h) 20-50 30-60 50-120 Take makings size (Mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 Electric machinery power (Kw) 5.5 7.5-11 11-15 ZQ50-50-I-Z ZQ65-50-I-Z ZQ65-50-I-Z of decelerate type name Exterior dimension (Mm) (long × wide × is tall) 3255×1982×2690 3540×3000×2880 3845×3000×30

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