High pressure hangs roller grinder
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High pressure hangs roller grinder

High pressure hangs roller to grind ground photograph comparing to raise high-pressured spring with Ramon, below the circumstance that assures crop, increased the service life of roll and stability. High pressure hangs roller grinder suitable scope to have: High pressure hangs roller to grind machine use at smashing the Mohs hardness such as barite, limestone, pottery and porcelain, scoria is not more than 9.3 class, humidity is in 6% the following blame are combustible the tall fine milling of a variety of 280 stock processes the trade such as the mine that explodes easily, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, finished product granuality adjusts in 80-425 eye limits (the finest 1000 eye) . This machine can be passed add special unit, producible a 30-80 purpose meal.

High pressure hangs the working principle of roller grinder

High pressure hangs roller to worry leader inside, inherent 1000-1500 is tightened on roll hanger kilogram the high-pressured bedspring of pressure. After beginning the work, roll rotates around main shaft, fall in high-pressured bedspring and the action that leave mental efforts, the clingy scroll that wear ring, the Ramon pink machine that its roll pressure falls than coequal motivation condition is 1.2 times more expensive, reason yield rises greatly. Enter when the stock that be ground after grinding antrum, scoop by moldboard send roll and grind undertake grinding pressing between annulus, grind the powder after pressing to take analytic chance along with the circular wind of air-blower, qualification fine pink flows into tornado collect pink along with gas implement it is finished product namely, bead of big grain content falls to be ground again. Circular wind returns air-blower to repeat above process again, yu Feng enters bag type dust catcher to purify. When roll and it is certain to grind annulus to achieve after wearing away, adjust high-pressured bedspring length, maintain roll and wear ring between constant grind pressure. The crop that assures stability thereby and fineness.

High pressure hangs characteristic of roller grinder structure

High pressure hangs roller to grind main by lead plane, fineness tornado of analytic machine, air-blower, finished product accumulates pink implement, hop-pocket dust catcher and composition of coupling wind canal. According to the user need also can deploy machine of crusher, promotion, storage bin, electromagnetism vibration feeder and electric equipment control the auxiliary equipment such as ark. In lead plane, roll component is through the horizontal suspension that carry an axis on roll hanger, roll hanger and main shaft and relieving tool post secure connection, pressure bedspring is outside the cantilever of roll bearing room end panel, carry an axis to force roll to be pressed in closely for fulcrum with the horizontal stroke grind the circle inside annulus apparently, when electromotor drives main shaft to turn through gearing, install the moldboard on relieving tool post and roll synchronism to rotate, while roll is grinding the circle inside annulus to roll rotation. Electromotor drives analytic machine impeller to rotate through gearing, impeller rotate speed is higher, the pink that cent singles out child finer.
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