Bucket elevator - bucket elevator of NE, TH, HL series
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Bucket elevator - bucket elevator of NE, TH, HL series

NE bucket elevator


Promotion range is wide opportunity of this kinds of promotion is right the sort of stock, character reachs a spent suitable scope wide. Can promote not only farinaceous, graininess with lump common stock, and can promote the sex that grind carve more powerful stock.

Convey ability big machines and tools of this series promotion has NE15 ~ NE800 a variety of norms. Promotion measures limits to be 15 ~ 800m3/h.

Drive power is little machine of this kind of promotion is adopted flow into type to feed makings, discharge of gravitational and revulsive type, and use concentrated model the high capacity hopper that decorate is carried, amount of chain speed low promotion is large. When stock promotes, do not have a makings phenomenon almost, drive power is accordingly little, the 25% ~ that power of theoretical calculation axis is machine of annulus catenary promotion 45% .

Service life grows promotion machine hello makings adopt flow into type, extruding and collision phenomenon produce rarely between material, the design of this machine protects exhibit to expect to in feeding makings, promotion and discharge, won't be scattered fall, this prevented to grind bead to wear away, carry catenary to use board chain of wear-resisting of chain high strenth, prolonged the service life that chain and catenary fight.

Promotion height is tall chain speed of engine of this series promotion is low, move smooth, and use board chain of wear-resisting of chain high strenth, because this can amount to taller promotion height (be as high as 40M) .

The design principle with moving very advanced dependability, assured to rectify the dependability that accident goes, time to failure exceeded 30 thousand hours. Operation, maintenance is convenient, fragile little.

Structural size is small with the other that coequal promotion measures all sorts of promotion machine photographs are compared, the structural dimension of machine of this kind of promotion is lesser.

Hem of classics of treatment precision tall housing, solder, tigidity is good, the exterior is beautiful.

Sealing is good, environmental pollution is little.

Technical parameter

Model carries an amount (M3/h) is the biggest granuality (Mm) stock unit weight (T/h3) is the biggest promotion height (M) power limits (Kw) ~ of 2.0 35 1.5 of ~ of 15 40 0.6 of NE15 10 ~ 4 ~ of 2.0 50 1.5 of ~ of 31 55 0.6 of NE30 18.5 ~ 11 ~ of 2.0 45 1.5 of ~ of 60 60 0.6 of NE50 35 ~ 18.5 ~ of 2.0 45 5.5 of ~ of 110 70 0.6 of NE100 75 ~ 30 ~ of 2.0 45 5.5 of ~ of 165 90 0.6 of NE150 112 ~ 45 ~ of 1.8 40 7.5 of ~ of 220 100 0.6 of NE200 170 ~ 55 ~ of 1.8 40 11 of ~ of 340 125 0.6 of NE30 230 ~ 75 ~ of 1.8 30 18.5 of ~ of 450 130 0.6 of NE400 340 ~ 90