Ramon is ground - advanced milling equipment
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Ramon is ground - advanced milling equipment Ramon is ground Apply to the Mohs hardness such as feldspar of barite, calcite, Potassium, steatitic, marble, limestone, pottery and porcelain, glass to not be more than 7 class, humidity is not below in 6 % combustible the milling of a variety of 280 stock processes the trade such as the mining industry that explodes easily, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, finished product granuality is in 100 - the random inside 425 eye limits adjusts. Ramon grinds working process Ramon grinder is overall the structure is by unit of machine of lead plane, analysis, pipeline, air-blower, according to the user need can deploy crusher, promotion machine, electromagnetism is oscillatory feeder, electronic-controlled the composition such as electric machinery. After what stock wants size via smashing, by promotion machine general stock is sent to store hopper, will expect via oscillatory feeder again send Ramon continuously to grind lead plane equably indoor, as a result of when rotating, centrifugal master piece is used, roll swings outwards, press closely at wearing ring, moldboard scoops stock sends roll and wear ring between, achieve because of the scroll of roll smash purpose. The fine pink after stock is abrade is taken along with the circular wind of air-blower analytic machine undertakes grading, fineness too thick stock falls to be ground again, qualification fine pink enters pink of collect of finished product tornado along with air current implement, be in charge of eduction via giving pink, it is finished product namely. Grind in Ramon be ground room internal cause there is certain moisture content in stock, abrade when heat build-up, hydrosphere evaporates, and overall each conduit interface is not close, outside gas by inspiratory, make a loop baric heighten, assure to grind machine work below negative pressure condition, increases throughput emits into dust catcher through canal of more than wind, back row be depuratived enters atmosphere. Ramon is ground Overall structural feature

1, the finished product pink of Ramon grinder child fineness and even, the rate that connect a sieve 99% , other crocus equipment has this hard.

2, the electrical system of Ramon grinder uses concentration to control, crocus workshop can realize unmanned operation basically, and maintain a respect. Thunder cheats what grinder uses to safeguard with maintain

3, the important part of Ramon grinder all employs fine steel capable person, wear-resisting all use high-powered wear-resisting data, overall wear-resisting performance is high, move reliable. 4, Ramon grinder is stereo structure, cover an area of an area small, whole set sex is strong, from piece pink of expect finished product child produce a system into oneself independently. 5, gearing uses the machine of Ramon grinder airtight gear case and belt annulus, transmission is smooth, move reliable. Ramon grinds use note 1, to make Ramon grinder normal, should make equipment " equipment maintain " of safe operation system just can make sure long-term safety runs Ramon grinder, want necessary repair kit and grease and corresponding a replacement at the same time. 2, the roll device of Ramon grinder uses time more than 500 hours or so to change afresh when roll, cover the each scroll bearing inside to must undertake cleaning to roller, to attaint should change in time, cheer a tool to be able to use petrol pump and yellow oil gun with the hand. 3, Ramon grinder is among use process, due and fixed personnel is in charge of guard, operation personnel must have certain technical level. The necessary to operating personnel to must undertake technology before grinder is installing Ramon grooms, made understanding thunder covers the principle property of grinder, be familiar with operating rules.
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