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Liming Heavy Sand everywhere with high-speed railway construction
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Whether high-speed railway construction or highway construction can not have a lot of sand from the concrete aggregate material and the use of high-grade highway and railway construction each have Sand's quiet dedication. According to the new operating metrics, sand and gravel industry, the new concrete and sand aggregate grain shape, size distribution have raised higher demands for more, can be completely carried out in accordance with international standards. Combined with recent years, high-speed railway construction is carried out in full swing, large-scale railway construction, construction period, involving a wide range of integrated features, both for the stability of sand making production capacity and a higher quality level of production requirements. Based on the current high-speed railway construction period and project requirements, construction projects are generally small, near the sand nearby to buy the production of artificial sand STONE QUARRY, this has led to the application of new sand making high-speed rail project as an extension of around flowering. The vast majority of railways, highways, bridges, and other large hydropower project, located in the mountains or deep valleys, the narrow construction site, construction, short construction period, large amount of concrete work, concrete construction, high strength, the quality of sand and gravel aggregate demanding. Therefore, the technology is mature and complete design of aggregate production is even more important. To this end, the dawn of new Sand Heavy Industry Technology designed specifically for different specifications of aggregate production lines to meet the requirements of different construction options, effective as high-speed rail construction aggregate supply by providing an efficient solution. Aggregates of large projects, key projects such as the main material required for the Three Gorges Project, with modern technology and dynamic level of good economic indicators aggregate processing equipment, ensure the works for Aggregate gradation, in control to achieve dynamic equilibrium during the whole production of construction supplies, sand and gravel processing plant design is a fundamental human goal. It is from the original intention of this proceeding, the dawn of the new R & D Heavy Sand 5X, an improved rotor system deep cavity, greatly improving the centrifugal acceleration of material, material grain shape has been greatly improved. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the long-term stable operation of the sand making machine, modular-style waterfall, the impact of falling blocks and conversion methods take into account the work and energy saving of high strength dual function. Liming Heavy Industry Technology New Sand, sand and gravel is currently recommended by the Institute of Chinese products, after repeated practice shows that the overall performance grain sand making products much better than the same features such as hammer crusher, stone requires high-speed railway the necessary equipment.