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Xinhai Machinery Sand in the fourth quarter of production trends
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Sand and gravel industry in the fourth quarter of lack of space will be a brief phenomenon, mainly in the construction industry in the fourth quarter, the traditional sense to reallocate resources. In addition, the fourth quarter led to Sand production in the construction industry because the temperature of the north will also be some slow phenomenon, so, Fortune Sand machinery will be carried out in the fourth quarter for a new round of production analysis, and After the relocation of the market will look better next year, Sand form of development. Sand over the years of domestic market demand and supply relationship, we can see that in the initial expansion of equipment, when Sand was once throughout the year have shown a good demand trend. However, with the domestic machinery industry, Sand and comprehensively improve the manufacturing level, the overall supply of machinery, sand making demand slowing down and showing in November last year, there had been about the phenomenon of demand block. In response to these phenomena, Fortune machinery that is necessary to adjust the off-season each year, this can better respond to market and sell on the Sand network technology needs. Compared with the past, been conducting domestic sand and gravel industry adjustment, there will be high, especially when the end of November last year, because of national policy guidance, Sand had a short time, Yang Xian warmer response. However, Sand discussed the overall demand will continue to high-end models in the main this season. The high-end models of the basic technical requirements would make technical adjustments to the manufacturer Sand imminent. Last winter, when many manufacturers have started to introduce some complex technology from Europe and America, and to digest. However, after a year of practice, found that the overall level of Sand still has not greatly improved. And sand making the impeller technology and lamination technology will be the focus of future development. To this end, Fortune has started for efficient mechanical impeller of Sand. Sand impeller can increase this efficiency rate is now made of more 75%, a complete subversion of Sand production of an innovation. After attach importance to the future will become the dominant product. The main sales target this year is four seasons on the south, south of the Yangtze River. It is expected that the region's sand and gravel reserves has emerged as the construction of shortage of reasons. Therefore, the upgrading of Sand is also on the agenda. Sand for the domestic market characteristics, it is likely that the Sand in the year when a month was a climax, another, years later, there will be a new round of procurement. So, to get a good start in 2011, you need a more comprehensive in the quarter adjustments. So, to sum up, Fortune machine that Sand in the fourth quarter of sales are mainly to adjust the sales-based, supporting further research and prepare to introduce new technology early next year, the type of Sand to capture the market. Therefore, fourth quarter sales of Sand competition will ease slightly, but also clutter the market showing a Sand phenomenon. However, we need to see is that this market is the low sand making short the market in 2011 and adjusted precursor differentiation. Therefore, we as a large sand making machine manufacturer, have a good grasp of the necessary trend of the sand making good business with its own characteristics and research planning.