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Phoenix form grinds ball happy event to win award of ball of gold of Chinese wea
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Award of optimal the award that grind a ball, optimal brand

    1 month 18 days morning, forum of height of industry of data of  2008 China wear-resisting is held ceremoniously in Sichuan the Chengdu City. This second peak can be by cement market conditions the net is sponsorred, the relevant leader expert such as chairman of committee of learning of material of wear-resisting of Chinese metal society Professor Chen Huahui, Xi'an traffic university Professor Xing Jiandong and enterprise attended the meeting on behalf of 200 people. The conference is opposite above all industry of data of first China wear-resisting " golden ball award " list of company of final bear the palm undertakes announcing, held royal prize-giving ceremony. Director Chen Huahui sponsors square speech on behalf of the activity. Chen Xiao of general manager of phoenix form company " 3 tall " the product led new trend of wear-resisting material technology to make a presentation. Jiang Yan pulls delegate of limited company of law radical cement to be used, the advanced experience that manages wear-resisting material undertook communicating.

     Chen Huahui says, to reveal industry of Chinese wear-resisting data more development are accomplished, let cement company and user unit know wear-resisting data industry deep more, last year in October, company of magazine of project of committee of learning of material of wear-resisting of Chinese metal society and net of cement market conditions, cement together, held search never tatty material, industry of data of first China wear-resisting (building materials industry) " golden ball award " selection activity. Can see, in last a period of time in the activity of 4 months, attracted company of hundreds wear-resisting data to participate, numerous cement company and user unit also are participated in come in. The activity obtains such successful degree also sponsor Fang Yuan to arrive without expect. It is worth while that this showed adequately to wear-resisting data industry is attention, and the industry that contacts cheek by jowl with numerous industry.

     is on prize-giving celebration, large award of each integrated award and optimal individual event gives heat in succession, delegate of unit of bear the palm is beaming. Atmosphere of whole prize-giving celebration is very enthusiastic. Award of ball of gold of Chinese wear-resisting material---Award of optimal the award that grind a ball, optimal brand, all obtain by my company, this also is me strategy of company executive brand, contend for those who achieve Chinese world famous brand to be stridden is important one pace.

     is met on, the delegate of company of numerous expert, cement and wear-resisting data company is right particular to wear-resisting material use case undertook new product of material of the development state of affairs of wear-resisting data industry, wear-resisting, new technology and user unit discuss.
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