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Luoyang triumphant start mine machinery limited company
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The demand of contented client is triumphant the apiration that starts a person!  
     Luoyang triumphant promote machinery of the administer below mine machinery limited company to make with cast two branches, the production that major is engaged in equipment of efficient and broken, sizing device, washing and wear-resisting material and make.

Force of      company technology is abundant, detect the method is complete. The product applies extensively at the industry such as mine, building materials, metallurgy, traffic, water and electricity, coal, chemical industry. Its are efficient broken, choose fittings of material of equipment and of all kinds and new-style excel in, hard wear-resisting to all have domestic banner level, and with its efficient, reliable, steady performance, feel broad the recognition of the user.  

     comes more than 10 years, the company insists for a long time to cooperate with place of scientific research courtyard, it is with the market oriented, improve old product ceaselessly, develop new product, in order to get used to the demand of broad user. Can offer arenaceous stone to produce a line according to needing to be an user technological process design, equipment modelling, on-the-spot guidance brings air, era earths up the one continuous line such as operation, maintenance technician to serve.  
     company is scrupulouslied abide by " science and technology is banner, quality starts line of business " business concept, with " sincere letter is realistic " to manage this, offer high grade product for you, good service.

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