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Joint-stock company of data of wear-resisting of Anhui phoenix form and Chinese
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     recently, website of supply and demand of Chinese wear-resisting material (Www.hxqi.com) and Chinese international net (Www.zw3g.com) reachs strategic cooperation agreement, bilateral and collective the development of electronic business affairs with respect to wear-resisting data industry and business are begun wait for a problem to undertake extensive and thorough ground undertook discussing.

Net of      Chinese international is technology of 3G of a collect the company of new-style science and technology that development and contemporary business affairs study to be an organic whole, had built door of country's biggest Chinese and English bilingual 3G at present - Chinese international (Sinoculture.mobi) , the user can pass the device of contemporary 3G shift such as the mobile phone to obtain all sorts of Chinese and English information such as news, business affairs, culture from the website.
In the meantime, research center of contemporary business affairs devotes oneself to the Sai Nuo below division of Chinese international network all the time in recent years the research of Chinese electron business affairs and field of contemporary sale fashion works, for Anhui the client of much home company such as Inc. of material of phoenix form wear-resisting offerred good electronic business affairs to optimize promotion service, make the portfolio of the enterprise got remarkable growth, the market that dropped a business greatly spreads cost.

     Anhui the predecessor of joint-stock company of data of phoenix form wear-resisting is total factory of material of wear-resisting of city of peaceful state of the Anhui province, it is at present dimensions resides an Asia the first, world second casts manufacturing company with what metallic wear-resisting material gives priority to. The Hu Xianqi manager of this company, having wear-resisting data industry old from already check, know very well the opportunity that the network brings to the industry such as wear-resisting material and challenge, reason organization established website of supply and demand of Chinese wear-resisting material. But the lack as a result of network and experience of electronic business affairs, jiashangping the burrow before day writes village history of the cropland that reach Pu at groovy and official dinner party, literature all the day " tiger hole " research work  , be too busy at all attend to, so network propaganda effect is not very ideal all the time, electronic business affairs became the name matches the reality " chicken ribs " .

     and pieces author of Chinese international net is small come across, make the two acting people that differ a few years old found cooperative space, of the hobby of close, close play philosophy, complementary skill, make bilateral cooperative all the more happy, collaboration upgrades further.

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