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Develop high-powered concrete
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Since 20 centuries since United States of 80 time end and Japan advance the idea of high-powered concrete in succession, still do not have the exact definition that is accepted generally by each country to high-powered concrete, each countries do not have different understanding with the crowd [4, 12] . Great majority admits pure excel in is not certain and fast, and put forward " high-powered " hope can already excel in fast. 1990 by American state level and technical institute (NIST) with concrete association (ACI) the discussion that sponsorred the first high-powered concrete, define high-powered concrete to be: "The group share that relies on a tradition and blend commonly, irrigate build, the concrete of qualitative sex of all sorts of has a demand quality that impossible preparation gives the method of conserve and divide evenly. As example, these property can include: Irrigate easily build and brace up pound and not stability of separation, buildup long-term and mechanical quality, high inchoate intensity, tall toughness, bulk and the macrobian life in harsh environment " [11] . Feburary 1999 " Concrete international "   publishs cloth by the technical activity committee of American ACI (TAC,  Technical activities Committee) put forward regard ACI as the definition to high-powered concrete: "High-powered concrete is the concrete that accords with special function combination and divide evenly to pledge the gender asks, the raw material that uses a convention and blend commonly, irrigate build with conserve method, may not always can be produced give this kind of concrete. " here the annotate below the definition is: "High-energy concrete is some kind of character agrees with a kind of concrete of special project application and environment. The characteristic example that can consider to certain project application is: Irrigate easily build, brace up pound not separation, early strong, long-term and mechanical function, impermeability, close-grained sex, to hydrate temperature rise, tenacity, bulk stability, the more macrobian life below harsh environment " . Point out, as a result of high-powered concrete a lot of character are relevant, change among them one of, cause normally other the change of one or more character; Accordingly, to booked project, make up a few character that the consideration must want in concrete, must set clearly one by one in the contract [12] . 1999 the definition of ACI was 1990 the development that colloquium defines, emphasize qualitative sex of the project specific aim of concrete and divide evenly. Did not mention in the definition how to achieve high-powered concrete, the ultimate goal in because have a lot of ways,reaching a definition [12] . <BR>   course thinks over, combine the definition of ACI, by the article afore-mentioned analysises, ought to understand for, the breed that high-powered concrete is not a concrete emphasizes concrete however " function " (Performance) or quality, condition, level. Perhaps saying is target of a kind of quality. To different project, high-powered concrete has different emphasis key (namely " special function is combined " ) . Wu Zhongwei says: "High-powered " it is a needle apparently not tall to going or " in " , " low " function puts forward. In different period, "Tall " and " low " boundary is very different. Of the flying progress as science and technology and requirement rise ceaselessly, now " tall " inevitable meeting by new " tall " what replace and make some day " low " . With " tall " , " low " will name science and technology the product, name an elephant concrete especially such a large amount of material, it is unscientific with hard abiding. Now " established by usage " , wait for after using a paragraph of period, the hope finds a more scientific, more reasonable new expression [5] . This paragraph of word is this meaning. If still be used " high-powered " substantival word, ought to know, high-powered concrete is entire segment coordinates whole project, the fast can develop continuously concrete that cooperates to get jointly, not be to want to have only cooperate to compare with respect to fertile, however by include raw material control, blend content to produce preparation and whole construction process to come true. As a result of the wear of requirement concrete structure, concrete must be bulk stability above all, divide evenly is qualitative; Craze it is with respect to what cannot say of course " high-powered " . The implication that can develop continuously is utmost ground saves environment of the sources of energy, resource, protection, and, wear itself also includes the sense that can develop continuously -- the building rubbish that decreases to repair and be demolished and rebuilding the sources of energy, resource is used up. Can conclude, besides individual provisionality structure, all concrete structure ought to accord with such quality target. Accordingly, to avoid misdirect, be aimed at each different project characteristics and need, put forward to satisfy the design of the function of specific requirement and wear to concrete, whether to compare general emphasize " high-powered concrete " the noun wants a few more scientific, can promote the progress with extensive technology of our country concrete more.
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