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Seductively dressed or made up in fact is long abundant of Tang Shan country tap
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On December 31, 2007 5:16 when, abundant of Tang Shan country is steely 1780 stere blast furnace opens furnace at ignition, to in the evening 23:36 when, blazing iron flows to flow into and go out from inside boiling the chamber of a stove or furnace eventually, 3 million tons of ability transforms the division austral company of iron and steel of the abundant that it is a country end of construction of project blast furnace added bright color, for demit old the hour that see the New Year in increased special import. Country abundant 1780 stere blast furnace is join whole the intermediate link that 3 million tons of ability change a system, it is medium smelt metal fact is long construction limited company hangs out his shingle project of the first when the autograph after holding water makes an appointment with large metallurgy, autograph of whole system contract makes an appointment with a project to measure 235 million yuan. Seductively dressed or made up in fact is long give height to take seriously to this project with great expectations, configured the project administration with driving actual strength, company main leader and sectional leader build on-the-spot guidance to work deep for many times early or late, for the project construction provided necessary support, seductively dressed or made up in fact is long president field comrade 2007 the New Year's Eve drives building site of the abundant that go to a country, the employee that guards construction station with wind snow backbone is the same as Qing Xinchun, get encouragement with huge drive to the officers and soldiers of iron army-invincible army that important task develops on bear north. It is reported, the construction feature that project of abundant 1780m3 blast furnace stresses the country is price close, environment differs low, time limit for a project, owner accompanies in the course that project alters in edge design, edge demolish hardship to advance. Project on November 6, 2006 break ground excavate, in the harsh environment of 8 ℃ of 0 6 ~ Tong of foundation of implementation blast furnace is irrigated that month build, implementation furnace casing installed the first hook on January 1, 2007, those who become 3 million tons of ability to revise a project " leading sheep " , hot-blast stove begins in succession by Feburary, advocate accuse building and stand aside of circular water pump to dig, till by March immediately afterwards the walking that owner demolishs spreads out chamfer of air-blower station, mine, underground to connect corridor to reach remove dust systematic project construction, official body works energetically into what advance in the round situation. To April the middle ten days of a month, cover of sealing gland of blast furnace coal installs perch, indicate cooling wall synchronism finishs a furnace casing enlarge, at the same time hot-blast stove furnace casing and installation of frame main body shape, project of iron area construction is revealed with the attitude that precedes all the way piece " western iron army-invincible army " powerful force elegant demeanour. The last ten-day of a month of 5  the middle of a month, strong the blast furnace construction in advancing is in height period of time dash forward meet with serious accident setback, and the design is restricted and equipment influence also travels together and come, smelt metal fact builds a footstep for a long time in deep-set cereal bottom. In the predicament of the attacking army has reached the city gates, inexorable in smelt metal fact is long it is difficult that employee is greeted and go up, perfect without dispute visa, how much to also reward without calculate, beg salary to reach the designated position in time without excessive even, dauntless builder people it is raise one's arm holds high only " western iron army-invincible army " banner, depend on a hair from the heart in loud cry: "For honor battle! Fact of the smelt metal in be is long and battle! " , be the same as heart, break out of an encirclement back water up and down, the footstep of iron army-invincible army again beaten twist achieves a miracle, at " 6.2 " the blast furnace that finish drops tubal installation, main body of declare blast furnace installs basic win, then namely at " 8.3 " drying-out of ignition of implementation hot-blast stove, take the lead in taking the first correlation whole the mark sex node that 3 million tons of ability rectify project overall situation, eventually, the gun salute that revealing passion and honor in the sky is in what ability revises a project to be " western iron army-invincible army " give out deafening mad noise. To the iron army-invincible army of bottom giving cereal officers and soldiers spread out concussion again, and will strong push all the way to cease, build the task at completing principal part basically on October 16, will make judge test-drive of linkage of air-blower consign manufacturer, ignition of boiler of 26 days of implementation boils furnace, sent turbine vapour on November 9, 25 days send wind formally to blast furnace to begin leak hunting, on December 3 23:16 when the implementation drying-out target with 1780m3 historic blast furnace. In later period the equipment processing of extreme nervousness, design is perfected in reaching the job that eliminates flaw, seductively dressed or made up in fact is long person of constant cooperate actively, escort the Emperor to produce preparation convoy, with one one's heart the historical mission that till be walked on thoroughly,fulfils builder responsibly now.
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