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Industry of pickling of treasure steel stainless steel board first export contra
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A few days ago, as pickling of many tons of 1800 304 stainless steel industrial board is all consign Korea user, branch of treasure steel stainless steel fulfilled first export contract of this product. The ability that stainless steel pickling produces a line to have the user outside Xiang Hai to offer money, right risk of market of product of balance stainless steel, extend " Bao Gang does not become rusty " of the brand abroad and famous degree have active sense. Stainless steel hot-rolling board roll the surface covers oxide darkly scene, call inside course of study " black skin coils " , through pickling treatment is become " Bai Pi coils " hind, can immediate application. Before, because stainless steel branch does not have hot-rolling pickling to produce a line, "Black skin coils " outside wanting to pass appoint the ability after treatment coils into Bai Pi puts in the market, date of delivery long, cost is high. Last year in August, after go into operation of line of pickling of hot-rolling of stainless steel branch, produce can month by month climbs slope, quality promotes continuously, changed hot-rolling black skin to coil outside needing appoint the adverse situation that the market puts in after treatment.   last year second half of the year, stainless steel breed manages a ministry to extend overseas market actively, the much home company that waits for a country with Korea, United States built supply demand relations, obtained order of a batch of export. Stainless steel branch is breach with exporting a contract, organize special labor event for the theme with quality, raised product moderate rate effectively, drove those who produce line whole quality to control a standard to rise. In the meantime, in the light of the operation personnel controls to producing a line newly the current situation with weaker ability, technical personnel began major of organization of stainless steel branch to groom in the round, improve the operation personnel knowledge to product blemish. Last year 11, two months 12, the hot-rolling pickling that accrete of stainless steel branch produces and other places of exit Korea, United States board more than tons 4800. With stainless steel pickling to first exit the quality trace result of industrial board makes clear, the exterior cleanness of the product is spent, the slashing requirement that the index such as flatness, chromatism satisfied abroad user, underwent test.

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