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Too heavy financing 2.5 billion, restart add equipment of chemical industry of h
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Too heavy financing 2.5 billion   restarts add   of equipment of chemical industry of hair dilate coal on January 2, taiyuan is versed in again (600169 prices, ) (600169. SH) issue announcement again, plan buy control a partner relevant asset is undertaking. Right now, issue similar announcement from this company first time full a year, among them twists and turns allows investor " scratch one's head over " . "As a result of this before add hair plan to be met to overrule by card inspect, the layer manages in the group when redesigning plan more will discreet. " Taiyuan is versed in Dong Bi plum greets chief to express again. Most antedate last year on January 23, taiyuan is versed in announcement says again, plan to be not open hair not to exceed 70 million all right, collect capital is used at " exceed large strip mine to use grab " technical reformation project. Last year on August 17, should add hair plan to be met overrule by card inspect.

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