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Steam group incorporates in the round on group of leap forward automobile
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At present the biggest brushstroke buys domestic automobile industry case the agreement was signed in Beijing on December 26, steam group incorporates in the round on group of leap forward automobile. &nbsp<BR> according to cooperative agreement, shanghai car joint-stock company is contributive 2.095 billion yuan buy place of leap forward group those who belong to is truckload reach capital fund of close together component, car of Shanghai of hold of leap forward car 320 million share, current market prise is achieved 8.6 billion much. In the meantime, steam group is mixed on leap forward group is joint-stock establish Dong Hua company, manage other component business and service trade capital fund jointly, both sides opposes a scale to go up steam is occupied 75% , leap forward is occupied 25% . &nbsp<BR> occupies the introduction, the steam on henceforth and Nanjing automobile group will be withheld severally truckload brand, share in the respect resource such as capital, research and development, sale, develop in coordination. After incorporating, go up newly of steam truckload year sale will exceed 1.7 million, sit firmly head of domestic automobile industry an ancient folding chair. Zhang Xiaoyu of &nbsp of vice-chairman of mechanical Joint Industry Conference of &nbsp<BR>   China: I think &nbsp<BR> , conformity must be jumped over big, better, faster, optimize to the structure of industry of whole China automobile, will be a huge is driven. <BR> expert expresses, only itself of domestic automobile group does your work strong, ability of Chinese common people leaves on sexual price compares more outstanding own brand car. &nbsp<BR>     " on jump collaboration " reframe   of &nbsp<BR> of automobile industry situation 26 days afternoon, steam group and leap forward group are in Beijing on sign cooperative agreement formally. So far, on steam group not only fill oneself are in the blank of domain of light-duty commercial vehicle, still become more than one steam country's biggest car company. &nbsp<BR> is current go up steam group basically is with production the car is given priority to, year produce and sale is close to 1.5 million. And leap forward group basically is to produce business affairs car and light-duty lorry to give priority to, produce and sale also is controlled in 200 thousand. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, go up this the comprehensive collaboration of steam and leap forward group will make domestic capital class of the giantest, business is the most all ready, have the automobile group with the richest product, hopeful of annual total output pounds 2 million, also grow the change the automobile industry position inside trigonometry area and even countrywide limits. Project of &nbsp<BR> China car learns director Zhang Xiaoyu: The country is to encourage this kind to cross an area to add up to conformity, no matter be Shanghai it may not be a bad idea, jiangsu it may not be a bad idea, nanjing it may not be a bad idea, as it happens compares the position of the advantage at a long three-cornered, these two groups are so integrated, include the truck of personnel, the form a complete set of the supply that content sheds and component will tell formed a kind of new bigger industry group. Will tell, it is the one side banner of auto industry, it is the banner with large scale not merely, also be the banner of own innovation, also be expand outside Xiang Hai next, form a kind of banner of the auto industry group of internationalization. What &nbsp<BR> is worth to pay close attention to is, result from likewise of car of British collect inspire confidence in sb on two cars brand will realize steam Rong Wei and a the rank of nobility with leap forward subordinate group possibly resource is shared, do jointly do greatly strong in high-grade car market. And the brand of business affairs car such as the Yi Weike of leap forward group also will be made up for on the steam inadequacy in commercial vehicle domain, make go up thereby steam is become having the complete car with richer class is automobile group, in home group of 3 old cars gets bellwether place mediumly more will outstanding. Auto industry of &nbsp<BR>   our country accelerates   of integrated pace &nbsp<BR> 26 days Zhang Xiaoyu of director of institute of Chinese car project is being accepted when interviewing, express, as, steam is mixed on leap forward begins formally what group of two old cars cooperates in the round, the pace that quickens conformity of whole auto industry.
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