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In 7 years commodity alumina gross obtains company of the state in aluminium 2 m
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Information of branch of the state in the aluminium in occupying, end on December 29 8 when whole, gross of alumina of commodity of this company annual already achieved 2 million tons. According to introducing, after this shifts to an earlier date 29 days to finish 1.85 million tons of alumina to produce per year the task for afterwards branch, taking another brilliant outstanding achievement, branch of the state in indicating came true with 3 years of time by megaton to enterprise of alumina of 2 million tons of class great span, successful ascend body at industry of our country alumina the first echelon formation, lifted a branch from this good the brand-new canto of rapid development. On December 29, hold in the branch " produce per year a quantity to realize ceremony of 2 million tons of announce good news " on, wang Yonggong of state branch vise general manager asks broad cadre employee wants to be grabbed further in seize development opportunity, develop belief sturdily, quicken development pace, company of the state in coming true hard can last the glorious dream that fast health develops, make comfort north with all one's strength the biggest alumina produces base, in in aluminous company " the aluminium in founding top-ranking enterprise, compose to build harmony, make hundred years old store " new meritorious service establishs again in great journey.

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