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Stage of imitate of jade bavin water pump wears own development to pass a test s
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In December 2007, the simulation of engine refrigeration system that develops independently by jade bavin and water pump function measure testing stand integratedly to wear (stage of water pump imitate is worn) come out successfully. The stand that   makes as a result of domestic manufacturer wears the requirement that cannot satisfy jade Chai Duogong to be able to experiment, jade bavin experts offerred a bold tentative plan 2006: You Yuchai is own stage of imitating test of water pump of development, design. At the beginning of 2007, group of project of station of water pump imitating test holds water, by Bai Xin of Tan of division of instrument of department telephone exchange personally assume leadership holds the post of a group leader, project member is mixed by center of production technology ministry, technology, maintenance center the expert of quality ministry or technical personnel composition. Through tough effort of nearly one year, in December 2007, imitate stage wears water pump to come out successfully eventually, already can issue pair of water pump in set temperature now or overall (diesel engine assembly) undertake discharge, pressure, lift, cavitation and efficiency experiment. At present development group is opposite stage wearing is done debug finally, predict the portion was used with respect to OK and official investment in January 2008.   wears place this to use an entrance mostly with sensor, all test method is complete will undertake designing according to national level. Basis " occupation standard of water pump of refrigeration of internal-combustion engine of JB/T8126.1 ~ 8126.2-1999 " undertake function checks, result indication precision and stability all far outclass occupation standard, outside dividing installation water pump and canal, whole test process is to press the program that has written to undertake automatically metrical, record and store data, test flexibility is tall, all sorts of requirements that refrigeration of completely contented engine tests.

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