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Oriental electric machinery builds national level environment hard friendly ente
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Regard the reshipment backbone of the our city as one of enterprises, inc. of Oriental electric machinery comes for years all the time with " urban environmental protection, enterprise has duty " for oneself, 2006 2 quarters begin to undertake ISO14000 environment supervises systematic attestation work, the portion passed CQC in June 2007 after tripartite attestation, carry with the system further action turning point, beaded finish protects establishment to build, control contamination is discharged, beautification of implementation plant area, environment is good, build hard make national level environment friendly enterprise, make contribution for our city environmental protection.     is beaded finish condition to protect, in recent years, the serious, policy that implements executive country environmental protection in the round, policy mixes this company code, in enterprise interior perfect system of environmental protection management, accomplish responsibility of environmental protection job to reach the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, management reachs the designated position, cash reach the designated position, prevented the happening of great contamination accident effectively, control lived to pollute a harm, did not produce contamination accident in last few years, achieved environmental protection goal. In the meantime, boost clean production actively, realize resource to use generation of rationalize, trash to decrease hard quantify, manufacturing process is harmless change. The company is carried out " steam revises report " project, shut 3 when use nearly 40 years 23 evaporate ton coal fired boiler, only this one, the company can reduce bad news coal every year many tons 9000, little discharge 2 oxidation sulfur many tons 90, soot many tons 70; Adjust craft position, heavier to pollution cast-iron workshop is executed change the line of production, shut 2 cast-iron cupola, can reduce anxious carbon every year to use up 300 tons; Shut coal fired and boiler of boiled water burning gas, unified supply a bucket to install mineral water, improved worker water water quality to measure already, reduced the sources of energy to use up greatly again with exhaust emission; Close in the round stopped pollution heavier eletroplate minute of factory and acetylene produce a station, those who realized heavy metal liquid waste 0 discharge.     administers industry actively to pollute a source is the serious content that this company environmental protection works. The oiliness liquid waste that the company builds handles installation, reclaim every year to waste oil in great quantities, environment of province of Ceng Huo Sichuan is integrated punish is advanced project award, drove Sichuan liquid waste to handle technical progress; The project of loop of cooling water of pneumatics machine station of construction, annual but managing with water many tons 30. Come nearly 3 years, this company built combustion of waste gas high temperature to handle installation, better land solved pollution of the waste gas that brush paint; Undertook to building a shovel to grind workshop dust control is administered, threw many yuan 500 to build more than 10 to remove dust early or late purifying device, from go up at all administered dust pollution; Build two gush to drench absorb unit, administered pollution of VPI waste gas thoroughly; Establishment of useless to original emulsion water treatment undertook upgrading transforming, increased biochemical treatment working procedure; To going to factory shears cent dust of treatment of burr machine dust, insulation also increased to remove dust establishment, improved work environment greatly, controlled air pollution; Build mist of lacquer of 7 water act to handle installation early or late, improved the ambient conditions that spray paint works greatly, achieve international to travel together banner level. Meanwhile, the company developed industry hard " 3 useless " use integratedly, undertake to the waste residue that cannot use temporarily appropriate is handled, entire company industry " 3 useless " use integratedly, deal with rate for 98 % . This company has the honor to win environmental protection of province, city for many times advanced company and country environmental protection are advanced enterprise glory title.
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