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Arms industry group: Machine of tower of type of luffing jib of the biggest tonn
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Recently, national construction machinery detects what central expert builds aircraft company to be designed recently to the foot of mountain of river of group of Chinese arms industry is current the relevant design of machine of tower of type of luffing jib of the biggest tonnage, function, select material, safe stability can undertake home detect in the round, via checking contrast, each function index accords with design requirement and national level, agree one-time detect through special type equipment. Machine of tower of type of 480 meters of new-style luffing jib of company of river the foot of mountain is to be an user to measure a body to order those who do, arrive from design, select material, production, perpendicular tower debug detect last a period of time 3 months. The component such as orgnaization of cap of this machine crane arm, counter-jib, tower, luffing jib uses new technology entirely, become country the first exceed crane of tonnage tower type.

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