How does agency answer backbone solo flight
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For the industry to entering a doorsill almost, no matter agency introduces what kind of talent, avoid them to be able to be in hard in the future housekeep. Can you look at the metempsychosis that fries boss squid in those days helplessly to repeat on him body again only? For not big to enterprise dimensions agency, the constituent structure of the company is compared commonly simple, manpower resource manages from theoretic tell not complex. However in fact, restricting a lot of agency to develop the problem that servantchooses a person for a job namely with the reason that expand further all the time for quite a long time.

In oneself from inside business career and friend circle, I had seen too much once the cent of scene is sold model enterprise transitory because of the person's cause, terribly is regretful. I run company of a cosmetic now, the professional line cosmetic of manufacturer of second line of main representative home, the sale is in beauty parlour mainly channel. With respect to line of this courtyard that be called / the fractionize market of professional line, the person that the outside knows is not much. Essay card basically presents inside the industry the pattern of bristly, good and evil people mixed up, and in this kind of state in agential group more very: Be in an area, the brand that lunar sale exceeds 100 thousand is very few, more it is to wander in in great quantities live the small company of the brim, and a lot of to get meager pay clerks that work for these small companies and beautician. Just think: It is under such market environment, will appear why to go out to plant standard of choose and employ persons, why to plant pay material benefits of the level? Why will we get having planting again finally of professional accomplishment from personnel of course of study? Then, my company is facing talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year and thorny personnel government problem inevitably.

The temptation of industry low doorsill Above all, to make the reader understands relevant problem more clearly, I list the standard business flow of agency of cosmetic of a professional line: 1. The clerk undertakes the extensive pattern that sweep a market is visited, dig and dog have change the beauty parlour boss of product intent, complete the development of a new client thereby; 2. The agent expedites hairdressing adviser to undertake to this client the technology grooms, affirmatory assistance solves the common a few problems in management process. From above we can see: As a result of industry whole enter a doorsill extremely low, profit standard is relative taller, the desire of housekeep of seasoned first-class staff generation also unavoidable. Its flow to basically be as follows roughly: 1. Master the agent of business personnel → that has rich client resource to become the agent of independent family status, need to cost tens of thousands of yuan only commonly, can act as agent from the area of cheap brand in the next of numerous firm be the lucky number that attends Guangzhou beautiful rich to meet. The client that place works to accumulate before be being depended on concerns, this clerk needs to realize stability to offer money for a few beauty parlour only, can assure the living of oneself namely, it is inside a few months rapid disinvestment. And the business personnel that has certain capacity, if invest failure, also can be easily inside the industry other company finds the job with similar treatment, of play away is deposit of a few years nevertheless. 2. The beauty parlour of hairdressing adviser → of management of familiar beauty parlour is current, in Sichuan provincial 2, 3 class city opens a medium or small beauty parlour, the total investment that its include replenish onr's stock inside also is controlled in 30 thousand yuan. And the person that the hairdressing adviser that has worked a few years for the agent often has contacted much beauty parlour trade, had had relatively rich real operation experience. It is with the beauty parlour of level of a moderate gain exemple, if practice is successful, level of lunar gross profit fluctuates in 10 thousand yuan about, the rent with low eliminate and personnel salary, net profit embellish is in 669 yuan commonly. And poineering failure for the hairdressing adviser to having experience, also be loss deposit nevertheless, the company that change the home goes to work just.
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