Low cost does poineering work should lend power unripe money
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A lot of people long to do poineering work, but suffer from does not have capital. How have low cost then do poineering work?

Must want intentional manage to prepare above all: Should have bear hardships and indomitable spirit, have right way and method and good program and life design. Make full use of existing natural resources, develop oneself subjective activity.

Intelligence industry. In these industries, the person that has special knowledge or technical ability is OK low cost does poineering work, do not need large capital investment, need intellective investment only. Peculiar special skill, the special skill of some respect, if manage ability, marketing ability, patent. The example of this respect is very much. If write handler of master home, lawyer, senior engineer, profession, inventor,wait a moment. Actually, the individual's intelligence and special skill are a kind of resource.

Labor is concentrated model service industry, these travel owner want support to sell able-bodied person, the investment of capital respect is very little. Be like remover, homemaking serves.

Can be dug adequately and use, the person of integrated resource and information. The empty-handed that calls somewhat previously covers the person of white wolf, it is a few people that are good at use and making joint-stock source actually.

Be good at renting the person of situation. This and have bit of likeness at 4 o'clock. Different is here dot of so called rely on for support is the resource that uses others, if venture capital investment is the union of the capital natural resources of the intellective resource of a few people and others. The intellective resource range here is very wide, be like patent, if do poineering work new idea.

Have the person of special resource. Be like children of a few senior officers typically.

Cut the trade of low cost, especially a few services industry, have the many industry that does not need big capital investment, be like intermediary company.

Take no account of first do poineering work, working brand of individual of the creation in the process, wait like expert of a few famous profession handler, marketing, inventor, the tangible of the intangible assets that uses oneself next and others is united in wedlock, achieve the goal that does not have this doing poineering work.

Think carefully, can recall a lot of key point certainly, achieve small poineering goal.

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