In the 5 old law that Korea industry survives
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Han endowment enterprise arrives to solicit more and outstanding talent, very easy on pay pay. Year of income of the undergraduate students is average not under 40 thousand yuan, three-year institution of higher learning is unripe not under 35 thousand yuan, the technical secondary school is unripe not under 30 thousand yuan, still offer additionally " 5 danger 1 gold " .

From the market general prices looks, the firewood fulfil pay of Han endowment enterprise is in the market medium a level: Manager class employee 4000 - 8000 yuan / month, average employee 2000 - 4000 yuan / month. If a nicety is mechanical company invite applications for a job is high-level craft member, engineer, monthly pay all is in 5000 yuan of above; Monthly pay of personnel of mechanical, technology 3000 yuan of above; Advanced benchwork, interpreter and article secret monthly pay 3000 yuan of above. Do not pass different company, pay pay also can have certain distinction, can differ even sometimes very big.

Big Han commerce invests the class that promotes a commune to grow Piao Zhongbiao to say, han endowment enterprise values the working ability of employee very much, as long as you are successful in the job, pay can have promote substantially. Be worth what carry is, be engaged in plant technology work can rising duty raises more easily than clerical work. The proclaimed in writing that plan of law of labor law of every our country and local policy give out sets, illuminate like Han Qiyi carry out not by accident, salary of employee compensation level and social insurance, welfare is higher, and have the appearance that defaults employee compensation rarely.

Han Yu is outstanding but raises

Be in Shanghai, han Yu and Japanese talent belong in short supply talented person euqally. Although enterprise antonym character does not have slashing requirement, go up in compensation nevertheless, the person that knows Han Yu really costlier, have the person of Han language ability, on coequal position, monthly pay can be controlled 500 yuan with rise commonly.

As we have learned, salary of Han language talent is at present apparent talent of prep above English. For instance position of business administration secretary, han endowment business leaves the price that give to be 4000 yuan, and English talent is 3000 yuan only, both differs 1000 yuan or so.

In big Han commerce investment revitalizes a commune, the pay level of undergraduate course graduate is controlled in 3000 yuan about, be like meeting Han language, monthly pay can amount to 5000 yuan; And the MBA that knows Han Yu, monthly pay is more than 7000 yuan more; Even if average office employee, monthly pay also can achieve more than yuan 4000.

Live law piece

1, notice words and deeds, esteem is ranking. Han look forward to won't be late one minute because of you and your close the door on, but likely however him person that because of your inadvisable utterance correspondence is hired produces bad impression. So, want to notice to maintain complaisant image, choose appropriate dress. Additional, it may be said of Han endowment enterprise is " grade forbidding " , can be in Han endowment enterprise to see the occasion of director and employee be laughing and playing rarely. Inferior must respect ranking administrator, the impertinent words and deeds that any affront are in charge of produces undesirable consequence likely.
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