What white-collar female must remember successfully is gnomic
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It is difficult to do a woman after all to there is many? Summary of British female expert went out " arrive from A Z " 26 abecedarian female is read surely!

A (Ambition) lofty aspirations and great ideals: The woman perhaps fears this word will make they lose the female's tenderness. However, an investigation that had 15 years discovers, the professional female of 74% is seeking the opportunity of promotion actively all the time.

B (Belief) belief: Anyhow, the woman must be certain at least a thing, such, ability can make your life unapt lose.

C (Cute) lovely: Lovely it is a kind of inherent temperament, of the woman lovely and OK be all one's life.

D (DIY) oneself start work: Oneself start work, it is a very interesting thing, alleged interest, must oneself go creating.

E (Enjoy) enjoy: Fine fine savour, the life has grow to have taste actually. The woman must know him love, ability will be happier.

F (Freedom) free: Oneself life wants him to master. Do oneself to consider the business that do, life nature is sapid.

G (Go) strong: Whenever, no matter He De wants,have the courage that rushs ahead.

H (Happy) happy: You had considered the woman, is how many worry there is needless? How many is having to worry about in get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning?

I (Independent) independent: Do do not depend on the woman of others, want even the energy of life end conversation a few more sufficient.

J (Just) just: To the female in duty field, especially woman leader, integrity is the most important character charm.

K (Kitchen) kitchen: In modern society, the woman that can cook actually more welcome.

L (Love) love: Love can let a woman become more tender, know the female talent that goes loving others to be able to be loved.

M (Marriage) marriage: People knew in the past, marry make man life longer, the body is more healthy. According to the researcher proof of Chicago university, conjugal woman is than the woman that does not marry likewise on the body and spirit more healthy.

N (No) not: To the thing that you do not like, must aloud speaks NO!

O (Open) open: Open state of mind lets a woman more the times feels.

P (Personality) individual character: What do you like? What to like? Pursuit is!

Q (Quiet) quiet: Regression is halcyon, let you have feminine taste more.

R (Romantic) romantic: Always not be extravagant hopes man go romantic, this is feminine in one's heart with respect to a kind of some this temperament.

S (Study) learn: You should learn ceaselessly, just follow edge of the upper part of the body is outstandingly the man's pace.

T (Tenet) principle: Right career, right friend, right marriage, right oneself, the principle is a bottom line, in this line prop up below, the trouble of a lot of choices can be omited.

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