The clerk sells 3 stories of deduct a percentage from a sum of money
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The relation between agency and business personnel, often cannot leave " money " word. Business personnel thinks: So bitter, so tired, give a dot money more again! Agency thinks: Can skimp chooses fund less! It is likewise " money " , the result with different final method also is disparate.

The closest the end of the year, friend of a few dealer phones me, seek advice to me in modern business management, why to regard a boss as the business personnel of at hand of very difficult tarry. The author pursues sale problem research, then I related personnel of 3 concerned agency, business and the story that sell deduct a percentage to them, I want to more or less can have bit of help to everybody.

Story one: Fail to keep faith, internecine

busy full a year, end of the year settle accounts, a young business personnel delimits by original work out a scheme, he can take the sale deduct a percentage from a sum of money of 30 thousand money, domain of very pleased with oneself of this business personnel is calculating, this can pass livelily good year. When he asks the company cashs, discover the boss fumbles however, say company capital have enough to meet need is painful a little while, say to carry proportionate percent miscalculate a little while, do not wish to cash immediately from beginning to end this young business personnel. Just, be in at this moment, the company has brushstroke payment for goods to want him to close, also be 30 thousand almost. This clerk carry the things through,whatever the consequences, received fund, refus and do not hand in. Then, he and boss by original brawl, final in pairs is moved removed fist, made police station. Last case cans be imagined, this young business personnel because the payment for goods of privately embezzle company, according to concerned law regulations, was sentenced by the court set term of imprisonment, and this boss that talks not to calculate a sentence, the employee that also allows client and him is far from in succession, the business suffer a disastrous decline of the company, closed down very quickly.

True it may be said, fail to keep faith, internecine. Original well company, because of the boss break his promise to be opposite with business personnel legal ignorance, trifling 30 thousand money, causing such consequence is really regrettablly. How to prevent such economic dispute?

Above all, business personnel is in when entering a company to be engaged in selling the work, should sign contract of contract of labor obtain employment, pay of deduct a percentage from a sum of money to wait with the company, so that henceforth if produce issue, just have strong fact basis. And the impulse that cannot depend on oneself, make oneself and pair of very adverse henceforth issues. Want to know the legitimate rights and interests that protects oneself, want abide by record again abide by the law, what be in an unfavorable situation otherwise is business him personnel. Original work laboriously worked one year, preparation is joyous jubilate had been fond of a Spring Festival, became a captive because of his impulse and ignorance however.
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